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Information about Annular Tear

thespinetherapycenterJan 21, 2019, 8:45:45 PM

Annular tear is a condition that result from injuries in the spinal cord. The spine is a crucial component in your body. This is a condition that usually is very painful. Usually it occurs when the disc raptures. There are various kinds of annular tear. These are such as radial annular tear that start at the centre then unto other parts of the spine disc. This kind of annular tear is mainly brought about by natural aging. There is also peripheral annular tear that originates from the outer disc. It is usually caused by traumatic injury and is also referred to as transverse tear, click on this link to find out more: https://csiortho.com.

There are various signs and symptoms of annular tear. However the main sign of annular tear is pain. The severity of pain mainly determine the pain degree. People with annular tear usually experience this pain whenever they are bending or moving in some direction. Some of the symptoms of annular tear are such s neck pain, back pain, limited flexibility, radiating pain, sciatic pain, numbness in legs and arms and muscle weakness. There is also the symptom of having a burning sensation along the spine. Normally the annular tear is caused by aging however there are other causes of annular tear. Some of these causes are such as repetitive motions for example twisting and lifting, carrying heavy body weight and sitting down for long periods of time. There is also traumatic causes like sports injury and car accidents.

To determine whether you are suffering from annular tear the doctors must do a thorough investigation of your health. This can be done through imaging in order o identify what causes the pain. For those with annular tear that is not painful the doctors usually prescribe an MRI done to the patient. This is usually very painful for many patient. After the diagnosis the condition is treated through a treatment plan. However the treatment of annular tear is determined by how serious the condition is. The severe the condition the higher dose of treatment such as surgery. Those that the condition is not serious the non-surgical treatments are most preferred.

When suffering from this condition it is best to choose Comprehensive Spine Institute specialist that is skilled in diagnosing and treating this condition. He or she must have a good reputation as well as is friendly to you. For more points of view consider using the web. For more information about annular tear, click on this link: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/spine-surgery_b_5739096.