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Sony: Japanese Gaming's Palpatine - DetroitOtaku Rants

TheDetroitOtakuMay 1, 2021, 12:46:54 AM

Lolcow (n) - A person or group of people laughed at for actions that they take, despite not trying to be funny. They may try to take themselves seriously, but they are often "milked" for laughs with or without their knowledge.

You know what? Let's piss some people off today! After all the cockiness and arrogance from Sony fanboys across the world I feel like unleashing how I really feel about Sony. 

Sony is one of the biggest cancers in the video game industry today. They're a company driven by an insatiable lust for a monopoly on the video game industry and the anime distribution business. Their ego is only matched in opulence by their arrogant and annoying fanbase. Sony have deluded themselves into thinking that only they are the example everyone else in the video game industry should follow. Sure, Sony has put out 3 of the Top 5 best selling video game systems of all time (PS1, PS2, PS4), and they most certainly have room to gloat, but that was only because they took advantage of the big rivalry between Nintendo and Sega during the 4th and 5th generations of gaming to distract everyone with their own take on gaming. They were only able to succeed because of how weak Nintendo and Sega had gotten, and Microsoft hadn't gotten anywhere close to matching Sony's sales figures with the original Xbox. 

That way of thinking in Sony continues to this very day. Sony is an old relic of a era long gone. They think they are so above everyone else, that they think Japanese video game developers need to be told what content they can and can't have in their games. They don't give a damn about doing what's best for gamers. 

And if it was any more obvious they never cared about gamers, look at the 2011 PSN hack for example:

They knew damn well that PSN users had their information hacked and it took them a WEEK to inform their fans of what had happened.

Look at what has happened to them since their glory days - they have been suffering on the stock market compared to their competitors:

And they have also been suffering in the debt area, as according to Yahoo Finance, Sony's total debt amounts to a whopping $1.2 TRILLION. 

Think about that. A TRILLION DOLLARS! That's literally a fraction of America's national debt! 

The PS3 era did so much long-term financial damage to Sony, wiping out all the profits they made from the PS1 and PS2 eras...and then some. But that doesn't matter to Sony. All they care about is staying in the spotlight. Sony barely dodged a bullet when they said that the PS4 wouldn't have DRM,

But them saying that DRM wouldn't be in place on the PS4 wasn't about standing up for gamers. That was about Sony. That was about them being the center of attention in the games industry again. 

But this is only the surface act. Sony is the video game industry's shadow emperor. Anyone that studies carefully should know that neither Nintendo nor Microsoft control the video game industry. Sony does. 

Some of the biggest business deals and fallouts the video game industry has ever seen have their fingerprints all over them. 

Squaresoft ditching Nintendo over issues with the Nintendo 64's carts?

That was Sony's doing. Sony also gave them a huge marketing budget as compensation. Coincidence?

Wanna know where Microsoft got the idea to put DRM on the Xbox One?

They got that idea from the Sony rootkit scandal. Sony pioneered DRM by putting spyware on people's computers that if removed, would brick your computer.

The SNES-CD deal falling apart?

That was also because of Sony. Sony tried to steal the rights to Nintendo's IPs in that deal as well as attempt to make their own clone of the SNES.

Nippon Ichi Software experiencing financial troubles not long after their president badmouthed Sony for mistreating small developers and announcing they would support the Switch?

You guessed it. A Sony subsidiary was behind that as well.

Capcom releasing Monster Hunter World on every platform but the Switch?

Game, set, and match to Sony.

And that's not even getting into what they did to Michael Jackson to try and weaken the release of his final album Invincible, among other things:

Sony only cares about Sony. They want more money, more power, and less competition. What they are after is a monopoly in not just just the video game industry, but also the anime distribution and localization industry. And they will plow through anyone and anything to get it. 

Sony already owns the western anime distributors Aniplex, Manga Entertainment U.K., Funimation, AnimeLab, Wakakim, and Madman Anime. 

And now they purchased Crunchyroll, effectively giving them a monopoly over western anime distribution:

But there was one problem. The U.S. Department of Justice got in their way, and are now reviewing the sale:

Once they're done, the DOJ will either approve the deal or file or block it and go trust-busting Teddy Roosevelt style. I honestly hope it's the latter because Sony deserves to have the book thrown at them. The DOJ will likely determine the future of the anime industry with the decision they've made after reviewing the purchase.  

And there's also someone standing in their way of a monopoly in gaming as well:


The Switch helped revitalize Nintendo after the Wii U era and is on the verge of breaking 80 million units sold. If Sony wants their goal of a monopoly on gaming, they first have to go through Nintendo. 

Nintendo also struck back at Sony in another way - announcing that they would not be censoring 3rd party games on their platforms. Sure, this was obvious, and didn't need to be repeated, as Nintendo has not censored a single 3rd party title on their platforms since 1994 (unless it's published by them), and they also let developers make the decision to remove content from their games if they feel necessary, but we all know why Nintendo made that statement. 

They made that statement to get back at Sony after all the humiliation they were dealt by them since the 1990s. This was their way of saying: "Bitch, this is my industry. You don't scare me one bit, now get back in line with the other developers!" 

This couldn't have happened to a more deserving company and a more deserving fanbase. Sony is the most arrogant and egotistical company in the video game industry, and Sony fanboys are an extension of the arrogance that permeates throughout the company.

But even though Sony is falling apart at the seams, and though the debt monster will eventually swallow them whole, nothing will change for now. They will not stop their terrible anti-consumer business practices, they will not stop their underhanded deals to screw over competitors, they will not stop pursuing their goal of a monopoly in gaming and anime distribution, and they will not unlock their death grip on the video game industry. The war between Nintendo and Sony over the Japanese video game market is only beginning. 

Sony fanboys, I wish I could say you could continue to pick on the "usual suspects", but Nintendo is a juggernaut once again, and Microsoft is also looking to make their presence known in Japan as well:

Sony's days as the king of the industry are numbered, and you guys know it. 

Enjoy reminiscing over the past. It's the only thing you have going for you now.