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Least Concern #59 Musky Rat-kangaroo (Endangered species)

The_Nature_PlugMar 23, 2022, 9:07:21 AM

The Musky Rat-kangaroo or also known as durrgim yuri and is a species of marsupial native to Australia and is listed as least concern on the endangered species list.

Reasons for least concern status - hunting by feral cats and dogs, habitat loss.

Conservation efforts - They live in protected areas.

Musky Rat-kangaroo Facts - 

Science Name: Hypsiprymnodon moschatus

Size:  (body) 15 - 27 cm      (tail) 12 - 16 cm

Weight: 360  - 680 g 

Native Locations: Austrlia

Lifespan: 4 years

Conservation status: Least Concern (LC)


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