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Least Concern #5 King Penguin (Endangered species) 2021

The_Nature_PlugOct 29, 2021, 9:08:05 AM

The King Penguin is a species of penguin that can be found in the South Atlantic and Indian Oceans and is listed as least concerned.

Reasons for least concern status - Climate change, resource competition (commercial fishing).

Conservation efforts - Protecting nesting habitat. Ecotourism and public access are restricted. They live in a protected area.

King Penguin Facts - 

Science Name: Aptenodytes patagonicus

Size: 70 - 100 cm

Weight: 9.3 - 18 kg

Native Locations: South Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean

Lifespan: 26 years (wild)      41 years (captivity)

Population: 2.2 m breeding pairs

Conservation status: Least Concern (LC)


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