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Endangered #29 Tasmanian Devil (Endangered species) 2021

The_Nature_PlugApr 24, 2021, 9:28:41 AM

The Tasmanian Devil is a species of marsupial native to Tasmania and Australia and is listed as endangered.

Reasons for endangered status - Devil Facial Tumour Disease, hunting, climate change, predators, competition, human activity.

Conservation efforts - There are recovery and reintroduction programs in place.

Tasmanian Devil Facts - 

Science Name: Sarcophilus harrisii

Size:  57 - 65 cm 

Weight:  6 - 8 kg

Native Locations: Tasmania, Australia

 Lifespan: 5 -7 years

Population: 10,000 (wild)

Conservation status: Endangered (EN)


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