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Critically Endangered - #55 Livingstone's Fruit Bat (Endangered species)

The_Nature_PlugFeb 7, 2022, 11:47:32 AM

The Livingstone's Fruit Bat or also known as the Comoro Flying Fox is a species of megabat native to Anjouan and Mohéli islands (Comoros) and is listed as critically endangered.

Reasons for critically endangered status - Habitat destruction.

Conservation efforts - There are monitoring programs, they live in protected areas and there are breeding programs in place.

Livingstone Fruit Bat - 

Science Name: Pteropus livingstonii

Size: 30 cm

Wingspan: 1.4 m 

Weight: 500 - 800 g

Native Locations:  Anjouan and Mohéli islands (Comoros)

Lifespan: (captivity) 30 years    (wild) 10 years

Population: est 1,200

Conservation status: Critically Endangered (CR)


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