Teodrose Fikre


I am the founder and editor of the Ghion Journal, a news publication that is a gathering place for free thinkers and people who put ideas above ideologies. Follow our work at https://ghionjournal.com
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This hopeless tailspin that Ethiopia has been afflicted with for too long is now ramping up and threatens to envelop the whole country into the abyss of a sectarian bloodbath. Hateful extremists from every ethnic group are whipping their base into a frenzy, each act of violence being used as an opportunity to add more fuel onto the fire. https://ethiopians4cm.org/ethiopia-at-doorstep-of-chaos/ #Ethiopia #news #africa
I fear this fever of selfishness and making Gods of our egos will not end until we see the full devastation that tribalism can unleash. I pray that we come to our senses before Ethiopia meets the awful fate that befell Rwanda, it took the death of more than a million people in the most savage way before Rwandans put away tribalism and believe in their common humanity above ethnicity. If we keep listening to radicals who preach from the pulpit of animosity and vengeance, we too will know what mass graves and pervasive sorrow feels like. [continued] https://ethiopians4cm.org/ethiopia-crucible-politics-of-me-only/
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