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How to build a simple electric colloidal silver generator

teklordzSep 3, 2015, 2:47:15 AM

How to build a simple electric colloidal silver generator


To build a simple electric colloidal silver generator, here is the parts you will need to buy :



1 x 12v 200mA power supply. – $10 to $15$

The low voltage will provide the smallest silver particles. If the voltage is too high, the cooking will be faster but the silver particles will be larger.  This generator is designed to produce 1 liter (32oz) of colloidal silver.  The minimum cooking time is 3 hours.




 1 x Nexxtech project enclosure box

12.5 x 6 x 5cm (5 x 2.5 x 2″) – $6 to $7



2 x cable tv unions – $5 to $6




 2 x 6″ silver rods 14gauge, .9999 pure silver – $20 to $23
*prices may vary depending on the price of silver on the stock markets (ebay is where i buy mine)






 1 x 32oz (1liter) Mason glass jar – 2$ at the dollar store


 Finally, you need distilled water. You can only make colloidal silver using distilled water.

Tools you will need:

Phillips screwdriver (small head)
Hot glue gun
Box cutter
Drill with drill bits

Step 1 – Drill 2 holes on the bottom cover (centered) with 1½″ (3.81cm) between the 2 holes (use drill bit same size as cable tv union)

Step 2 – Remove lock nuts and insert unions in both holes from inside the bottom cover (longer side on the exterior), then tighten the 2 unions with the lock nuts

* Do not use the metal plate, use the plastic one

Step 3 – Inside the bottom cover, remove the hard plastic with the box cutter that is present in the cable tv unions. (be careful not to cut yourself)

Step 4 – Drill a hole on one of the long sides of the project enclosure box (small hole same size as the power supply wire)

Step 5 – Cut the wire at the end (just before the connector) and insert into hole you just made *3inches (7.6cm) and split the wires.

Step 6 – Strip the end of each wire ½ inch (1.3cm)

Step 7 – When the hot glue gun is ready, insert the 2 wires inside of the cable tv unions and apply the hot glue. (takes about 5 minutes to harden)

Step 8 – Screw the bottom cover to the box.

Step 9 – Gently insert each silver wire into the cable tv unions and install on top of a 1 quart (32 oz) Mason jar filled with distilled water (any glass jar will do) Make sure the silver wires don’t touch each other in the jar.

Step 10 – Connect the power supply to a wall outlet and let cook for 3 hours.

Step 11 – When the cooking is over, unplug the power supply and remove the unit from the jar. Clean the silver rods with a scrubby pad.

You now have a 1 quart (32 once) jar of colloidal silver!