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TL;DR - Youtube Corona Defence Force
Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus is currently 60% off on steam. The Heretek DLC is also 40% off: Mini-review: A stripped down XCOM style game. No cover system but a wide variety of weapons both melee and ranged. You deploy a small number of tech-priests and a variety of skitarii units to fight necrons on a necron tomb world. Turn based action based on initiative, each unit moving at a different time. Tech-priests can acquire cognition points by sending servo skulls to collect them from resource points or by standing next to them effectively increasing the number of actions they can take in a turn. There is an armour system, physical and energy, this works with the damage types, physical, energy and non-element types in the manner you would expect. Missions are played out by first exploring the tomb which is a mini choose your own adventure style card game basically where you move around the tomb. Battles are then fought in the turn based system mentioned. Multiple endings, different boss fights and different rewards await depending on which members of your ship's crew you choose to side with. After all, different schools of thought and interest exist in the Mechanicum, choose well and may the Omnissiah bless you! I played the ever loving hell out of this game. Got about 5-6 play throughs and did full achievements which says quite a lot for how much I enjoyed it.
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