Christopher Carruthers


YouTuber (Cash Alternative TV host), Founder of the #DashNation concept, casino supervisor, loving husband and father. All opinions are my own. Website:
John McAfee | Cash Alternative TV Live Interview John McAfee drops by CATV to talk about his life experiences, his recent adventures, and about future technologies that show promise such as Dash, a smooth digital payment network with some interesting technologies that's just bubbling under the surface of mainstream adoption. Video link: Today at 6PM UTC. Thanks for watching! #blockchain #crypto #dash #bitcoin #fintech
Dash Core v0.15.0, Ethereum Name Service Trace, Coinbase & Uphold News and more! | CATV LIVE The Dash Core Group releases the new version (0.15.0) that features a dark mode and super-fast syncing, users of Ethereum's name service can be tracked quite easily, Coinbase gets the green light for debit cards, and Uphold has been on fire lately. All that and more in this week's CATV LIVE. Video link: #blockchain #crypto #dash #bitcoin #fintech
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