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Wise tribes make us modern people question ourselves

SophieNov 27, 2022, 6:10:32 AM

We, modern people, still snob that we are intelligent people, masters of life, masters of society, masters of nature. However, the stories of the tribes who choose to leave civilization below will make us see ourselves as the boss or just miserable people crawling in the narrow frame of modern science.

Hunzas tribe - the oldest living tribe in the world

The Hunzas tribe chooses an idyllic lifestyle, far from civilization 

The Hunzas, with a population of 30,000, live on the edge of the Himalayan peaks located at the northernmost point of India, where the borders of Kashmir, China, India and Afghanistan meet. A special feature is that the number of people living over 100 years old in this tribe is very common, many people over 130 years old still maintain good health and clear minds. This tribe lives on a valley 3,000m above sea level, completely separate from the bustling urban world out there. They are also considered the people who separate from the civilized world, industrialization, live life with nature and are considered the happiest tribe in the world.

The Hunzas eat a frugal, moderate diet, eating only two meals a day. Different from the modern lifestyle, the Hunzas eat mainly to maintain their health rather than to satisfy their taste, their meals are also simply prepared.

Choosing an idyllic lifestyle, the life expectancy of the Hunzas is very high 

The Hunzas start their day very early, averaging around 5 o'clock, which helps them increase their exposure to the sun and go to bed at dusk. A lifestyle that is completely in harmony with nature because they do not use electricity or oil. Their habits prove that deep and early sleep re-energizes the body in the middle of the night and we can learn. The people here seem to be completely immune to the diseases of the times. For 900 years, no one in their tribe has had cancer and is considered the world's healthiest and longest-lived nation.

Dogon - African people possessing extraordinary cosmic knowledge

Dogon people 

The Dogon are a Sudanese tribe living in the Niger River, on the territory of the Republic of Mali. They are an ancient people, without a written word, but the oral legends passed down from generation to generation about their universe have amazed scientists.

According to Dogon legend, the universe was formed as follows:  "Material first was 'amma' - a god of no origin at all. Amma is a sphere, an egg, and this egg is closed, apart from it there is no other matter."

In modern Dogon language, the word 'amma' is a very compact and dense static object. Next:  “The world inside Amma is still without space and time. Space and time merged into a unified whole.”  But at some point, "Amma" opened its eyes, and at the same time its meaning escaped, signaling the coming development of the world.

This is the symbolic way of saying the universe was formed from the Big Bang

Our galaxy, the Milky Way, which the Dogon considers a "positional boundary", is part of the stellar world, of which our Earth is a small and infinite number of combinations. stars in the form of a spiral. As we all know, most of the galaxies discovered by science today are spiral shaped.

(Sirius) were known to the Dogon people long before scientists discovered them 

Sirius is the brightest star in our sky. According to the Dogon, Sirius star system that has the most important influence on the development of life on Earth and is the foundation of the Universe. This star system consists of three stars: Sirius, Sirius B, Sirius C. The Dogon people say that two stars (Sirius B, Sirius C) are located so close to the main light source that they are not always can see them. It was not until 1970 that large telescopes took pictures of the second star, Sirius B, mentioned by the Dogon.

Kogi, the tribe in the deep forest know everything in the world

The Kogi 

Originating from the Tairona civilization, the Kogi Indian minority people live in the Sierra Nevada mountains, Colombia, where it is very wild all year round, covered by clouds, almost no one dares to visit this place.

However, the people here are very knowledgeable about everything. The inhabitants of the Kogi tribe assert that:  “Our ancestors appeared on this earth very long ago, much older than the ancestors of humans in the world out there. We know well the past and know for sure what is about to happen on this earth.”

They isolate themselves from the outside world, especially not in contact with people from the modern world.

According to the survey of some scientists, this tribe is about 7-8 thousand years old. Even the Kogi people are said to predate the Inca and Mayan civilizations of South America.

All the people of the Kogi tribe are vegetarian, no one eats meat, fish or any animals, including insects. Their main food is flowers, tubers, fruits and leaves... This is a natural habit of the people here, without any strings attached. According to them, such eating is an expression of kindness in the soul.

Kogi people cultivate in a very simple and rudimentary way, the special thing is that they never hoard food. According to them, hoarding makes people become selfish, greedy, unintentionally creating a desire to possess more, which leads to the initiation of appropriation, starting wars and killing each other. In addition, the excess also disturbs the order of nature, giving rise to unpredictable changes.

According to the Kogi concept,  "if you live according to nature, there can be no disease, disease is only the result of what is contrary to nature. In addition, man's relationship with nature is very close, when nature is destroyed, people will surely suffer a lot and then there will be all kinds of strange diseases. Thanks to the harmony with nature, a peaceful and free lifestyle, people here have a very long life expectancy, averaging up to 100 years old. They have almost no disease, are very healthy, even tooth decay does not affect anyone.

Kogi village elder is taking a retreat to "sympathize with the consciousness of the universe"

The wise tribes, living far away from the outside society, have given us a big question about modern human civilization: what do people need?

A civilization that destroys nature, is toxic, diseased, increasingly dependent on artificial intelligence, causing people to gradually degenerate and face the catastrophe of destruction. Or choose a simple lifestyle, respect nature and always spend a lot of time to meditate, "sympathize with the consciousness of the universe" to open up a human perspective, a cosmological perspective like the Kogi, Hunzas, or Dogon people?