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Why is the flawed theory of evolution still taught in schools?

SophieJul 30, 2022, 1:20:41 AM

More than 20 years ago, when I was studying abroad in the US, a Chinese professor invited me to dinner. During dinner, when it came to the theory of evolution, the professor's wife gasped in surprise when she heard "Evolution is just a hypothesis".

She's the CEO of a company, which shows how widespread people's misunderstandings about evolution are. No wonder, for so many people, the theory of evolution, which has been instilled since childhood, has emerged as truth in the minds of many. But think about it, if it's an iron nail in a lot of people's heads, then what are so many evolutionary professors in the Department of Biology today preoccupied with?

Is it true that humans are only 1% different from chimpanzees?

Another time, I talked to a doctoral colleague at the company, he believed in the theory of evolution, for example that the difference in DNA between humans and apes is only 1%. I always remembered this 1% figure until recently when I looked at the 2007 Science report “Are humans vs chimpanzees only 1% different?” (“Relative Differences: The Myth of 1%”) (“ Relative Differences: The Myth of 1% ”), only to learn that this 1% figure has long since been overthrown.

Science magazine reported in 2007 “Are humans only 1% different from chimpanzees? " (Screenshots)

The 1% claim was made in 1975 and compares only a small fraction of genes. It was not until 2003 and 2005 that the human and chimpanzee genomes were completely sequenced, allowing the similarity to be rechecked, finding that the difference was much larger than 1%. Many genes are one with the other, and in practice it is almost impossible to calculate any significant similarity ratio. Yet the 1% claim is still widely circulated as proof of the theory of evolution.

Goodbye Darwin?

At the core of Darwin's theory is "natural selection" - "an adversary to the heavens, the enemy of survival", which states that under the conditions of primordial life on Earth, everything on Earth could have been caused by evolution, and this process is random, accidental, gradual, simple to complex, the core is without the involvement of any external wisdom, only relying on survival instincts (Where does this instinct come from? This place has left a vague system of reasoning) . Over the past 100 years, biology, especially genetic research, has made great progress, starting with the confirmation of the theory of evolution, unexpectedly this is a double-edged sword. Darwin's hypothesis.

In 2009, the Department of Paleontology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences published a paper commemorating Darwin, titled "Farewell to Darwin?", which advised people not to rush to say goodbye. However, the paper summed up the challenges facing evolution, particularly shocking. Here are a few excerpts:


“The great variation of species is difficult to explain using Darwin's gradual model. This is also the flaw of Darwinism.”

“New populations of organisms replace old populations, this gradual transformation from old to new is a slow, gradual evolution of organisms that is hardly a reality.”

“Evolving by means of the great explosion of life is extremely difficult, and evolution and biodiversity (formation of species) may not have been through natural selection and competition for survival. "

“The vast majority of biological mutations at the molecular level are neutral or subneutral, they have no superiority, nor are they adaptive or unsuitable, so natural selection for them does not exist. kicking in… is that fundamentally, the fluctuations of natural selection are not decisive for evolution.”


It can be seen that the "natural selection" foundation of the evolutionary hypothesis has hundreds of holes and thousands of holes.

We know that scientific laws always have boundary conditions. Beyond the scope of Newtonian mechanics, it must give way to relativity and quantum mechanics. Is the theory of evolution the same? Within a species, you can observe some epigenetic symbols, for example, you can transform a long-haired dog into a short-haired dog, but no matter how much you transform, the dog cannot turn into a pig. . This is precisely one of the concerns expressed in the article “Farewell to Darwin?”.

The article also mentions the "great explosion of life", which refers to a group of early Cambrian paleontological fossils, called "the great Cambrian life explosion". It seems that extant animals and extinct organisms all suddenly appeared in the Cambrian strata, with absolutely no fossils of their ancestors discovered in the more ancient strata. This discovery alone is enough to make Darwin's theory collapse, for the gradual method of Darwinian evolution, the Chinese have really found that it is just a big joke.

Is there a detailed plot for the theory of evolution?

There is also a hotbed of debate about evolution in "Farewell to Darwin?" not mentioned, it is the "complexity without one is impossible" of the organism. Take the mousetrap for example: it consists of the bottom plate, the hammer, the spring, the trap and the metal rod as five parts, all of which are indispensable. Some people think that the cell is so small, how can it be compared with a mousetrap. Small does not mean simple. A chip the size of a fingernail can hold tens of billions of crystal tubes, a thumb-sized USB flash drive can store two million books, and the structure of a living cell is more complex than a human's. chip and a USB flash drive! Modern molecular biology has discovered that, within the complex fabric of the cell, there are thousands upon thousands of complex systems that cannot be reduced, and each cell has trillions of atoms,

In recent years, an "intelligent design theory" campaign criticizing evolution has been activated in the West, especially in the United States. Biochemist Michael Behe, the central figure of movement, cites a type of organelle whose flagellum helps it to move, called a "whip".

Biochemist Michael Behe, a central figure in the "intelligent design" movement criticizing evolution (Image: YouTube)

The “whip” seems simple but is in fact an extraordinarily sophisticated system. It has complete functions such as energy, propulsion, control and direction control, etc., and these functions are made up of "components" consisting of different strains of proteins. Behe believes that this germ's "whip" is an example of "a complex system that cannot be simplified", any part of which is indispensable. If there is no detailed design from the outset, but according to Darwin's theory of evolution, that evolution is continuous, random, random and microscopic, then when each component is alone in the process of the theory evolution occurs mutation, it is very likely a burden, it should logically be eliminated, how can it persist until the end to form part of the perfect machine?

The American journal Nature published a study in early 2022, confirming that the birth of genetic mutations is not completely random, on the contrary, the regions where mutations appear are clearly regular. Doesn't this suggest that there was a plan with wisdom, design in it? These results are, of course, still in the early stages. The more science develops, the more microcosm we see, the more mysterious lives are discovered, and the challenge to the theory of evolution is also increasing. No wonder some people say that time is the opposite of evolution.

What is behind the “Theory of Evolution”?

Theories concerning evolution predate Darwin, and Darwin's proposal of "natural selection" gave the theory of evolution a "scientific" cloak, thereby making the theory of evolution "easy to look at." ". The strange thing is, when "natural selection" is in danger of bankruptcy under the many challenges of modern biology, many people still try to maintain Darwin and believe in the theory of evolution. Why?

As we dig deeper, Darwin's theory has been taken advantage of by the dark man behind it, which is, to put it bluntly, "atheism". In the 19th century, there was a crisis of faith in Europe, and atheism began to spread. Marx's Communist Manifesto, published in 1848, is arguably a manifesto of atheism, ten years before Darwin's "On the Origin of Species". It wasn't that Darwin changed the world, but the spread of the godless movement needed a Darwin, using Darwin's theory of evolution to fuel the spread of atheism. To this day, the theory of evolution has almost become the pronoun of atheism.

Therefore, as the negative evidence for Darwin's theory of evolution continuously appeared, people under the influence of "atheism" thought constantly came up with different new hypotheses to improve it. compulsively accompanies it, calling it "evolution of evolution", even wearing the hat of "neo-Darwinism". This is a very unusual approach in the history of science. Einstein dared to break through Newtonian mechanics, because this is purely a science, but people are not daring and unwilling to break through the theory of evolution, because they do not consider the study of evolution theory as a scientific study, but rather the theory. evolution and atheism as their own creed. Throwing away pseudoscientific evidence is easy, but throwing away beliefs is hard.

The accident of Copernicus' "heliocentric theory" has become a classic story of how the "Church" obstructed science in the past. Copernicus' "heliocentric theory" (Image: Google Maps to celebrate the 540th anniversary of Copernicus)

Today, early atheism has become the biggest religion, and it is taking the hegemony of the "Church" to prevent people from freely learning. Any thought that touches on the crux of “atheism” is ruthlessly suppressed, ridiculed, and besieged. History is repeating itself, only the roles and locations have changed.

This siege and repression is shown in all aspects, even the reason for the siege and repression is a myth. Over the past few years, there has been a great debate between "intelligent design" and evolution. In an interview with "Beijing Science and Technology News", the publisher of the American magazine "Science" at the time questioned the theory of evolution in response to the claim. signed by more than 500 scientists, saying: “What a few scientists believe is not science.” He was largely unaware that Copernicus had been in the minority, much less a Chinese proverb that, "Truth is often in the hands of the few." In fact, most of these scientists grew up learning that "evolution is the truth" in textbooks. No wonder they support the theory of evolution. Using their words to prove that the theory of evolution is true is not a scientific method at all.

Preserve reverence for God

Evolutionism is just a hypothesis, people can continue to research, but we should maintain an open mind, and don't take the denial of the Creator as a premise. Einstein's attitude is worthy of reference. Einstein said he was not an atheist, but also said he was not a religious man. He considers the question of God to be “the most difficult in the world” – one that cannot be “simply answered with yes or no”, admitting that “the problems involved are too great for the mind to deal with.” our finite brain”.

Einstein: The question of God is “the most difficult in the world” – one that cannot be “simply answered with yes or no”, he admits that “the problems involved are too great for the head.” our finite brain”. (Image: Wikipedia)

The problems associated with authentication are huge. Behind evolution is atheism, what is behind atheism? It's Satan, it's the devil, it's the evil spirit, they make people not believe in God, make people not believe in good and evil, and make people not find the moral basis to be good. , need to be honest, and its ultimate goal is to drag human morality into the abyss, make people no longer normative, thereby destroying people. You say that you are just living your life, that belief in God or belief in ghosts has nothing to do with you, but, a society that has no belief in God, does not believe in good and evil, the results will be different. Whatever it is, everyone can see it. Regardless of the problems of fraud, corruption, and corruption, let's talk about "high-level" scams like fake doctor's thesis, fake scientist card, Fake enterprise capital etc. has long been popular in China. Living in such a society, you think might have nothing to do with yourself?

Chinese tradition says that "there is a god three feet above the head", but the Chinese Communist Party has imposed atheism on the Chinese people. The qigong craze in the 1980s opened up minds and connected people to the Chinese tradition. Since Jiang Zemin's faction launched the persecution of Falun Gong in July 1999, the CCP has once again raised the banner of atheism and committed the persecution of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" . Isn't the crisis of loyalty, the loss of the moral line of Chinese society, the bitter fruit of this countercurrent?

Einstein said that "the problems involved are too great for our finite minds", so if talking about the relationship between believing or not believing in God and human morality, this problem is really too much. big too big. Faced with claims that use the language of the evolutionary hypothesis to trade atheism, isn't it necessary to maintain a state of vigilance?