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The mystery of the "yin and yang fish basin" challenges the scientific world

SophieJul 4, 2022, 3:28:01 AM

Yin and yang (lunisolar)
"Yin and yang fish basin" makes scientists dizzy: If you pour water to the back of the basin and gently rub the two handles with your hands, you will see that the water in the basin begins to ripple and then billow in an instant. surged and sounded like the I Ching. What principles did the ancients base on to successfully craft this miraculous pot?

"Yin and yang fish wash basin" works strangely
In the Hangzhou museum, Zhejiang has a bronze wash basin that sprays water, which is the "Yin and Yang fish wash basin". It is worth mentioning here that it is structured and works according to a special principle. When you put half of the water in this basin, and then gently rub the ears with your hands, the water in the basin will immediately ripple, surge, and then four fountains two meters high will pour out, and the chanting of six the hexagram in the I Ching will sound.

Scientists around the world have repeatedly experimented with "Yin and yang fish basin" but have not found the solution. It is worth mentioning here that it is structured and works according to a special principle. It is still a mystery to the world that humans have not yet been able to recreate one like it with modern technology.

In October 1986, the United States simulated a bronze fountain, but this was not successful. Is modern science as advanced as in the past?

The vibrating tank has two ears and is about the size of a washbasin, four fish are drawn on the bottom of the tank, and four "Book of Changes" river map parabolas are clearly engraved in the middle of the fish.

Physicists in the US and Japan have repeatedly tested and tested with many modern scientific instruments. They tried to figure out the structural principle of the heat conduction, induction, repulsion and sound emitted from this pot. But all were unsuccessful and "sigh of boredom".

In 1986, a skillful American scientist faked a yin-yang fish basin, which from the outside could be almost mistaken for the real thing, but its function is very different. Next, scientists must admit that this is a scientific miracle, a world mystery.

The book "Yi Ching" describes the yin and yang fish bowl as follows: "Two handles, the bottom is decorated with four fish, in the middle of the fish there are four clear parabola, fill half of the pot with water, then use the palm of the table. If you rub the handle with your hand, the water in the pot will immediately come out, and the shaking will make the water gush from the fish's mouth at the bottom of the pot, forming four fountains two meters high. At the same time, there will be a humming sound in the basin, like the ancient divination words in the I Ching.

During the last century, scientists all over the world brought with them various modern instruments to test them over and over again trying to figure out the principle of the fountain's sound. However, still can't understand.

Many people have also come here to experience the mystery of the "yin and yang fish basin". After discovering that their common sense could not explain this unique phenomenon.

Why can't modern science explain it?

Scientific thought in the I Ching is very different from modern science. The yin and yang fish tank first appeared in the I Ching, which has a history of 3,000 years. Modern science is based on “linearity”, believing that the world is a continuous linear change. Whether classical mechanics, electromagnetic theory or quantum mechanics, its theoretical models are based on linear logic.

Like this yin and yang aquarium, the theoretical system is completely different from our modern science. This is not the case with nature, it is usually non-linear, this is just a man-made scientific system, there are still many things that humans have not discovered in nature.

The science and technology of ancient China is something to be proud of, the ancient Chinese understood science and technology better than any other country. Even their advanced level makes modern science and technology powerless. The yin and yang fish basin is an interesting example.