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The mystery of the prehistoric civilization of Atlantis told by the prophet Edgar Cayce

SophieDec 12, 2022, 6:46:02 AM

Researchers attest that Casey never read two of Plato's works, but his interpretation is consistent with Plato's "Conversation" about the time when Atlantis finally disappeared as mentioned by the priest. Egypt…

We once introduced to you a "prophet through hypnosis", also known as the famous "prophet of America" ​​Edgar Cayce . In a state of hypnosis, Mr. Casey not only has the ability to communicate, can see scenes hundreds of thousands of miles away, but can also penetrate time - not to examine the relationship between the past and life. a person's present, thereby understanding the root cause of their illness or unhappiness in this life, helping many terminally ill people get better from there. The "prescription" that Casey gives to the patient is usually just to transform a certain concept in the patient's mind.

What I share with you today is Casey's miraculous "life insight". He, as an "Atlantean", revealed the cause of the one-day destruction of Atlantis, a prehistoric civilization that was once highly developed.

I believe many people have heard of Atlantis through historical records from different localities, which is what the ancient Greek philosopher Plato in his "Dialogues" described in detail. details. But did you know, when Mr. Casey commented on the civilization of Atlantis, experts proved that he had not read Plato's work at all, but the basic facts that he was talking about, compared to writing. Plato's writing is remarkably consistent, even some details are consistent.

The point of disagreement is that the clairvoyant Atlantis that Mr. Casey interpreted 20 years ago is more detailed than Plato's description. This greatly increased the belief that Atlantis really did exist. So, what did Mr. Casey says?

Plato's description in "Conversation of the Continents"

Before talking about Mr. Casey's hypnotic interpretation, let's give a brief overview of how the Greek philosopher Plato (427 BC - 347 BC) described in the last two books "Conversation of the Continents" that he left in the last years of his life: "Critia's" and "Timaeus" are the most recognized records describing Atlantis in the world's writing to date.

Plato said: “About nine thousand years before the time of Solon, opposite the Pillar of Hercules (present-day Gibraltar Strait), there was a large island, from which you could go to other islands, facing them. is a continent surrounded by ocean, this is the Kingdom of “Atlantis”. 

Athanasius Kircher 's map of Atlantis, set in the mid-Atlantic, copied from Mundus Subterraneous 1669 published in Amsterdam. The map is oriented with the south at the top. 

Solon (circa 638 BC-559 BC) was a famous politician, reformer and poet, one of the seven sages of ancient Greece, and an ancestor of the family of Plato.

Plato's "Conversation" records that Solon came to know "Atlantis" during a conversation with an ancient Egyptian priest (the official in charge of sacrifices) during his overseas travels. he. The priest described that the Kingdom of Atlantis was endowed with extremely rich natural resources, everywhere were gold and silver; they built strongholds "copper walls and iron walls" and dominated a huge area. After that, Atlantis had an earthquake and a great flood, all these warlike people were buried alive in just one day and night, and the whole of Atlantis sank into the sea. From what he had heard from the Egyptian priest, Solon wrote a story to introduce to the world.

The priest told Solon that, according to the historical records of ancient Egypt, Atlantis sank to the bottom of the sea about 9,000 years ago. Since Solon's era was about 600 BC, it is estimated that the final destruction of Atlantis occurred around 10 thousand BC.

What did the American prophet Casey see?

During her lifetime, Casey set a record with nearly one and a half thousand interpretations from the hypnotic point of view. He can see through people's past lives and the rise and fall of society, as well as being able to predict the future. For example, Casey accurately predicted the beginning and end of two world wars, the threat of the American economic crisis of 1929, the independence of India, the restoration of Israel, and the death of the president. President of the United States during his tenure (President Kennedy), to the fact that Russia abandoned communism and established a new social institution a few decades later, etc., all these predictions were fulfilled. proof test.

Mr. Casey has a love affair with the mythical prehistoric civilization of Atlantis that sank in the Atlantic Ocean, which is also typical of his clairvoyance. During his lifetime, he spent 20 years conducting hundreds of clairvoyant hypnoses about the legendary civilization spanning several thousand years of the empire of Atlantis, and recorded them in detail. details. According to Casey's clairvoyance, the empire of Atlantis included a vast continent, "from the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea in the west, and to the Mediterranean Sea in the east".

Casey says that due to the expansion of Atlantis' lust, humans have begun to abuse technology and natural resources, which has caused three great disasters for Atlantis.

He said that the Atlanteans were originally "peaceful people", their physical and physical development was very fast. "Because they realize that they are only a part of the whole, therefore, the necessary substances for the body are only obtained from nature."

Casey said that they can travel in thought or in body, and can also "move their own bodies from one point in the universe to another."

The people of Atlantis eventually used their crafting powers to use crystal stones as weapons of destruction. The power of the out-of-control crystals stirred up the conditions of the Earth and shook the continental plates, causing the poles to move, and the first destructive disaster in their domain arose around 5 thousand years BC; At that time, part of the continent of Atlantis had sunk to the bottom of the sea. This destruction divided the continent of Atlantis into five islands.

The second great disaster happened more than 20,000 years ago. This time, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and polar changes of the earth left Atlantis with only three islands. The last catastrophic disaster occurred around 17,000 BC, and the largest island of Atlantis, Pisidia, finally sank completely into the Atlantic Ocean.

Researchers attest that Casey never read two of Plato's works, but his interpretation is consistent with Plato's "Conversation" about the time when Atlantis finally disappeared as mentioned by the priest. Egypt.

Casey also prophesied that Atlantis would be rediscovered by humans in 1968.

In 1967, a pilot flew over the islands of Andros and Bimini in the Bahamas and spotted a gray geometrical object a few meters below the surface of the water. A team of archaeologists have found a "wall" 30cm thick, like the foundation of an architectural building.

Indeed, on September 2, 1968, archaeologist J. Manson Valentine also found 5.5m underwater on the northwest coast of Bimini revealing square rocks; The rocks are held together with something similar to cement, estimated to each be at least 16 cubic feet and weigh 25 tons. These are the archaeological finds of the famous "Bimini Wall" and "Bimini Road".

Next, under the Atlantic Ocean, people found more stone blocks of different sizes, thicknesses and shapes, and also discovered huge stone architectural complexes, which look like streets, piers. , the wall collapsed, the city gate, there is also a double-winged canopy, it seems that this is the port and architectural monument of a great and magnificent city that has long since sunk. Their appearance matches well with the Stonehenge columns and the Tillite megalithic walls in Peru.

It shows the remnants of a great civilized ancient city. Based on fossils of mangrove roots attached to these buildings, the researchers indicate that they are at least 12,000 years old. These walls have survived for a very long time with the erosion of waves and hurricanes in the Atlantic. They have a majestic architectural structure, majestic atmosphere, very wide and flat stone roads. The researchers speculated from various indications that these monuments were most likely the remains of the legendary ancient Atlantis civilization.

Casey's interpretation of the Atlantean civilization was confirmed by a strange incident nearly twenty years after his death.

Little Mermaid's Shocked Narrative

The British newspaper "The Sun" once reported, there was an event when a scientist captured a small mermaid alive. At that time, a Soviet probe was on a mission to find nuclear bombs off the coast of Cuba, unexpectedly discovered a small mermaid! There was a learned scientist, Dr. Vladimir Vinogradov, on board.

As noted in the memoirs of Dr. Vinogradov, the probe reached the location of the shipwreck. To better see the exact location of the shipwreck, they placed the camera underwater and moved along the seabed; Suddenly a black shadow appeared in front of the camera. Everyone who looked at the screen opened their mouths in shock and couldn't believe the scenes their eyes saw. Yes, this monster is a fish, but more like a child, with gills and scales on its skin. He swam to the camera, looked at the camera with mischievous eyes, but then jumped away again.

The terrified team members completely forgot about the original mission; Now their only thought was how to catch it. They set up an experimental tank to capture the creatures on the seabed and monitor it with cameras. Soon, the little mermaid was indeed caught by the staff.

They opened the thorough door, heard a terrible cry like a dolphin and saw a small green hand reaching out. A brave worker entered the trough, pulled the mermaids out, and put them in another transparent tub. It can be seen to be about 2 feet (about 60cm) long, has a scaly body, and has a bone hat on its head.

Shockingly, he raised his head out of the water and said, "I'm from Atlantis, please let me go!" Dr. Vinogradov said that he almost fell to the ground after hearing that. Over the next few hours, the team negotiated and exchanged terms with the little mermaid, and it was ready to answer any questions as long as it could return to the sea. If they break their promise, there will be a great disaster in the Soviet Union.

Little Mermaid said: the continent of Atlantis millions of years ago stretched across Africa and South America, but has gradually sunk. To adapt to the environment, the inhabitants of Atlantis developed gills and scales to facilitate water activities. Their average lifespan is over 300 years. They now have a population of about 3 million and live on the bottom of the ocean, a city made of marble and coral reefs. The little mermaid also announced that the Atlanteans would also pretend to blend in with humanity, and periodically go to the continent to mingle with the crowds, to observe the development of human civilization today.

Soviet scientists and officials eventually broke their promise, they did not return the mermaid back to the sea, but returned it to a secret research facility in the Russian Black Sea to study, and the mermaids stopped talking. Coincidentally, it wasn't long before the Soviet Union was in turmoil, and eventually dissolved.

The documents of prophets BC and 20th century seers, through their powerful fortune-telling powers, have discovered cunning structures on the seabed, consistent with the accounts of the ancients. little mermaid, it seems that a lot of information indicates that Atlantis really exists. And the highly developed civilization of Atlantis was suddenly destroyed overnight, and the reasons behind it may be worth more pondering.

When people blindly perceive life from the external objective material world, but neglect to promote the spiritual level, the intrinsic nature of humanity; When social morality is corrupted, people are constantly pursuing fame and fortune and other material desires, blindly pursuing technological development, regardless of the consequences, will there comes a time? , like the Atlanteans, one day, because of the ruined living situation, the end of the world? Are we repeating the wheel of our ancestors?