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The mystery of 12 months of sleep and the story of 3906

SophieJun 30, 2022, 12:31:55 AM

Visualizing a future world requires a lot of human creativity and imagination, even today, science has made great progress.

However, there is an ordinary person who, after a year in a coma, has fascinated futurologists, recounting in detail his experiences in the body of another person in… 3906.

The Diary of Dreams

Paul Amadeus Dienach was born in Zurich, Switzerland in 1884. From an early age, he always dreamed of standing on the podium, imparting knowledge to the younger generation and constantly striving in his studies to achieve this. . After graduating from school, he became a teacher of German and French.

In 1917, Dienach contracted a mysterious illness called  Encepphalitis lethargica , commonly known as sleeping sickness . People with this disease stay in a coma for a long time, sometimes never waking up. Dienach began the illness with sleep that came spontaneously, sometimes for a few minutes, other times lasting for days.

In 1921, his condition worsened and he slept for a year. During this time, he was closely monitored in a hospital in Zurich. Woke up in a normal state, but he was diagnosed with tuberculosis, possibly contracted while in hospital. After his condition gradually stabilized, Dienach moved to Greece, where he worked as a French teacher.

During his class, he was quite close to a student named Georgios Papachatzis , who later became an important figure in the Greek government. In 1924, when he intended to return to Switzerland, he gave Papachatzis his personal diary as a gift.

In this diary, he wrote down all his "dreams " during his year-long coma . Dienach's only wish to Papachatzis was not to make the information inside the diary public. Not long after, in 1924, Dienach died of tuberculosis.

Papachatzis read the diary and translated it from French to Greek. At first he thought his teacher had written a mystery novel, but the more he read it, the more he realized that what he was translating was his memory .

In 800 pages, Dienach describes the process of consciousness leaving his body and entering the body of a human… who lived in the year 3906. Despite advice from Dienach, Papachatzis published the book in 1972.

In fact, Dienach is not a professional author, poet or writer, nor is he a man of great imagination. Throughout the diary, Dienach said he was just an ordinary person who wrote down his experiences, with no intention of publishing it and no desire to become famous through a book.

But the book "Chronicles of the Future: The Strange Story of Paul Amadeus Dienach" was published by Papachatzis, creating a lot of controversy. Many say that the author (Dienach) tried to turn the novel into a true story.

What will the future world look like?

In the book, Dienach describes how he awoke in 3906 in the body of a man named Andreas Northam , who was in the hospital in a clinically dead state following an accident.

Dienach (in the form of Andreas) was amazed at the hospital's modern technology, as well as the uniforms that the doctors wore. He didn't understand the language the doctors spoke, and he couldn't remember who he really was. More amazingly, Dienach's sense of control over Andreas's body discovered everything that happened between 1921 and 3906. Accordingly, the biggest problems in the 20th and 21st centuries were:

  • World War
  • Disrespect for nature
  • Violent situation
  • Excessive consumerism destroys the planet

In addition, world politics and economy are controlled by a new global order. Violence and poverty spread around the world. The time has come when Earth's population is too large and Mars has been colonized by many people. However, the Martian colony lasted only 60 years, then a catastrophic phenomenon destroyed all on it.

In the year 2309, almost the entire population of Europe was wiped out by a nuclear war. The survivors migrated to Southern Europe, beginning the process of population repopulation on the continent. At the beginning of the 24th century, a new global government was established, eliminating all countries and continents, the entire population of the Earth belonging to a single country, bringing equality to mankind.

The year 2894 is important, Dienach emphasizes , seeing the rebirth of a spiritual force in the Rose Valley. This spiritual entity has brought a new type of person and a new way of life to society, making mankind happier.

In the year 3382 , a man named Alex Volky spread new ideas about human consciousness, through meditation. Humans have unleashed the true power of the spirit and have done amazing things, like controlling the chemicals in the body that affect emotions.

Interestingly, the history up to 3906 seems to follow the philosophy presented by Giambattista Vico (1668 -1744), who described humanity's journey through time as a never-ending cycle of ups and downs.

Humans are always faced with challenges that lead to death and depression. Humanity will find it difficult to achieve a steady state of happiness, despite technological advancements or spiritual abundance.

The specifics of the book lead many to think that Dienach had actually "traveled through time" to 3906. However, his descriptions of the distant future were seen by some as nonsense. from the troubled mind of a deep sleeper. Even so, his story still intrigues futurists.