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The images show that the Great Auditorium in Italy is strangely reptile-like

SophieJun 17, 2022, 7:24:18 AM

With a clear view and photos taken from all angles, this is possibly the best series of evidence to support the theory that some kind of alien species has an influence on our world.

One of the conspiracy theories that have challenged human acceptance over the past 30 years is probably David Icke's theory. He suggests that a race of alien reptilian humans known as the Archon have crossed with powerful elites on Earth to take control of our planet. To be fair, David wasn't the first to come up with this theory, but rather the one who popularized it.

And it's also amazing to compare the images of the Papal Basilica with those of reptiles. The findings in this article will make those with seniority in research on the elite, the occult, and the Illuminati... gasp in surprise.

The Papal Basilica, also known as the Paul VI Cathedral, is located partly in Vatican City and partly in Rome, Italy. Named after Pope Paul VI and built-in 1971 by Italian architect Pier Luigi Nervi, it seats 6,300. Inside the auditorium is the bronze statue of La Resurrezione, designed by Pericle Fazzini.

This all sounds pretty simple, but let's dive into what makes this building so weird. We'll start with the less weird and gradually get too weird as we get into the details.

Construction plan and design

The building was designed by renowned architect Pier Luigi Nervi and constructed of reinforced concrete. Nervi is famous for its simple yet practical design, strong and durable.

The curvature of the roof seems quite modest when viewed from the outside. However, when you look at the image below and compare it with the green snake on the right, you will reap unexpected discoveries. Take note of their overall shape: narrow rounded front, central eyes, front nostrils, and curved top.


You may have noticed that in the picture above there are two windows on either side of the building like eyes. They are made of stained glass and placed on either side, midway across the length of the building.

In the center of the eye-shaped window, you begin to see an opening that might resemble a reptile's eye.

You probably won't be able to tell anything just by looking at one window, so check out the photo below, taken from inside the building with both windows at the same time.

All of a sudden, we begin to see the reptile's eyes take shape.

Snake scales and fangs

Take a look at the image above, what do you see in the center of the photo? In the middle is the statue and two concrete columns on either side that looks like two sharp fangs. The dome of the building and the tiles on both sides of the wall resemble snake scales.

Here are two more images that remind you of snake scales.

La Resurrezione statue

Now let's go closer to the stage where the chairman often sits to have a better view. In the center of the stage is a statue of Christ resurrected from a nuclear crater. It was designed by Pericle Fazzini and has been in this place since 1977. Look at the photo below, do you see the problem with the head of Jesus?



If you look directly at it, it's hard to see what's wrong. However, when you look at the statue from the side, where the authorities are sitting, it is clear to your eyes from both sides that the head of Jesus looks like a snake.

If the image of a snake's head only appears in the statue, then some people think it is accidental and can be ignored. However, when looking at the building from all angles, inside and out, it looks like a snake, then you should question the intention to create this building.

Big question

Why do people build and design buildings to look like the head of a snake? Isn't it like speaking from the mouth of a snake when the Pope preaches in the building?

Research proves that there is an Underground Government that governs our world – a group of people who are not Americans, Europeans, Russians, Canadians, etc., but go beyond national identity, and they control the whole our world set. It has long been thought that there is an extraterrestrial influence there. Not from all extraterrestrial races, but from one particular species. It's a reptile.

You will find that there is more evidence for the existence of aliens than anything you can imagine. There is a lot of evidence that an underground government controls everything. Are these two entities linked? Again, it's not to say that all aliens or even all reptiles are 'evil', but rather that perhaps a few, and are working with some. government on Earth.

Even our government officials claim that they know the aliens well but they simply don't tell the public. As revealed by former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer: “So they decided to do an investigation, and investigating for three years, they finally decided that, for sure, four species, four species. different species, have at least visited this planet for thousands of years”.

There are many witnesses who have revealed that foreign governments and aliens are related and cooperate with each other, along with a lot of documents of witnesses. You can watch the movie “ Unacknowledged” on Netflix to learn more about this.

The influence of reptiles on underground government doctrine is not new and can be found in many traditions and cultures. However, David Icke made this theory public through his writings. Initially, his works were mocked. Despite that, millions of people follow and trust him.

During the Contact In The Desert event in California in 2016, Collective Evolution interviewed David Wilcock, a veteran of the paranormal. He mentioned that the elites (or Illuminati) believe that they must communicate their intentions to humanity in order for the humans on Earth to accept them. This manifests in the rituals at mass sporting events and the symbolism found in the society around us and in various popular industries such as movies and music.