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Revealing the secret of 10 disasters that destroyed ancient Egypt

SophieJun 6, 2022, 8:59:50 AM

Is it true that the 10 great disasters that engulfed ancient Egypt are real or simply a story?

Egypt is one of the cradles of human civilization. Referring to ancient Egypt , we will probably think of a series of great works, extremely developed civilization achievements. 

However, according to many religious documents, this empire was greatly weakened after God brought down 10 great disasters. Most people think that it is just a legend and not real. But after many years of research, scientists have come to completely opposite conclusions.

From the records in the Old Testament book of Exodus…

According to historical documents, the Jews were considered and treated as slaves under the reign of the Pharaohs. 

So, when the prophet Moses - the leader of the Jews came to convince Pharaoh to liberate his people, but Pharaoh did not agree. This angered God and brought down the people of Egypt 10 great catastrophes.

Specifically, the tragedies in turn will be: the Nile is stained with blood and the fish and shrimp die in mass; frogs crawled everywhere, flies and mosquitoes raged, cattle died in mass, human flesh blistered and could not be cured; hail with thunder and fire fell from the sky; locust plague; All things are in darkness, and the firstborn of Egyptian families will die.

… to archaeological finds…

For hundreds of years, most people believed that these 10 disasters only existed in legends. However, with recent findings, things seem to have changed.

According to research published in the journal Geology in 2012, scientists have found evidence of a sudden climate change on Earth 4,200 years ago. 

Specifically, the results of soil and rock archeology in the Nile Delta show that a global super-drought happened 3,000 years ago. In particular, this super drought is also related to the collapse of the Ugarit kingdom, the Babylonian empire in the Near East.

Since then, experts at the University of Pennsylvania (USA) have determined that the other 10 disasters are real and they stem from the aforementioned super-drought. 

…and conclude on a fact

Thus, the great disasters God brought down on the Egyptians could happen in history. But do they all happen at the same time? 

The answer is… totally okay. According to many experts, the above tragedies took place consecutively as a chain reaction as a result of the sudden climate change on Earth. 

The first event was that the Nile suddenly turned red, fish and shrimp died with a fishy and foul smell. This disaster can be traced back to pollution caused by the eruption of the Santorini volcano in 1,500 BC, or from red tides and low water levels due to drought. 

At that time, shrimp and fish in the Nile River will be poisoned by algae and lack of oxygen, so they will die gradually, causing a stench everywhere. 

The inevitable consequence is that the frogs in the Nile will jump ashore in search of another place to live. Without water, they will die within 24 hours. 

The rotting corpses of creatures such as frogs, frogs, and fish are ideal environments for flies and mosquitoes to breed and thrive. That's when the second and third disasters hit.

Outbreaks of flies will lead to epidemics in livestock and humans. In particular, in ancient times, there was no antibiotic to treat the infection, so many Egyptians died because of insect bites. 

In other words, these are also the two disasters the fifth and sixth mentioned.

If the Santorini volcano theory is true, the ash from the eruption could have spread widely and blocked the sun. At the same time, the dust cover for too long will cause hail and thunder because water vapor cannot escape.

Large-scale hail will destroy crops and plants in Egypt. At that time, locusts without food will flood the city and destroy the granaries that the people have stored. The seventh, eighth and ninth disasters could have played out under such a scenario.

In particular, the tenth disaster stemmed from the Egyptian custom of pampering the eldest child, whether male or female. In times of crop failure and famine, the eldest is naturally the one who gets to eat the most. 

But in the state of wet granaries with grasshopper droppings, extremely toxic black mold will develop. The result was the mass death of the firstborn, even the prince of the Pharaoh.

So the question is, did this series of disasters happen and were "inferred" into ancient documents, or did these documents "foretell" the event? Although the answer is still open, we also know that the 10 disasters mentioned above were created by Mother Nature.