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In addition to Atlantis, at least 4 other continents have also been removed from the mysterious map

SophieJun 27, 2022, 6:20:36 AM

Until now, the existence and disappearance of Atlantis is still a big question mark that arouses the curiosity of mankind. In history, Atlantis is not the only land that is said to have disappeared from Earth, and at least 4 other continents have also been removed from the mysterious map.

1. Lemuria. Continent

Lemuria is the name of a hypothetical land with different locations in the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. The concept originated in the 19th century with attempts to explain discontinuities in biogeography.

The continent of Lemuria, which was considered to be the home of an ancient race, had amazingly advanced development.

Lemuria is sometimes identified with or confused with another mythical continent - the continent of Mu. However, there is not much in common between the two continents, instead, Lemuria has many similarities with the famous city of Atlantis. Both are depicted as paradises on earth, free of crime, abundant food, and developed inhabitants as well as the ability to communicate via telepathy – according to some theories.

The British zoologist Philip Scatler (1829-1913) asserted that the Madagascar and Indian peninsulas were once on a large common continent before being split into two separate continents.

Many researchers in the 18th and 19th centuries also hypothesized a common continent like Scatter, so when Scatler presented his idea, the scientific community at that time chose the name Lemuria to name the region. soil disappears in this hypothesis. People began to believe that Lemuria was a continent extending from the Pacific Ocean in order to rationalize the different subspecies on Earth.

JH Moore hinted in his book Survival Instinct that humans evolved from creatures that once lived in Lemuria. However, so far, this is still a hypothesis that has not been accepted by the scientific community.

2. Mu. Continent

Mu is the name of a hypothetical continent that is said to have disappeared. Augustus Le Plongeon was the one who proposed the concept and name for this continent in the 19th century. Plongeon claims that some ancient civilizations such as Egypt and Mesoamerica were created by people who migrated from Mu, the continent that he assumed was in the Atlantic Ocean. This concept was extended and popularized by James Churchward. Churchward asserts that Mu was once located in the Pacific Ocean.

The idea of ​​​​the continent of Mu was introduced by the British-American traveler and writer Augustus Le Plongeon (1825-1908) in his archaeological works. While in the Yucatán Peninsula (Mexico) to study the Maya civilization, Plongeon translated from one of four ancient Mayan texts the story of an ancient continent.

Plongeon called this continent Mu, he assumed that it was located somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean and was also sunken like Atlantis. The survivors of Mu went to Egypt and Yucantán for refuge, creating the pinnacle of civilizations.

3. Hyperborea. Continent

Hyperborea is a land mentioned in some ancient Greek documents. This place is described as being further north than in other regions, the sun shines here all year round and sets only once a year.

The land of Hyperborea is said to be a rival to the legendary continent of Atlantis.

According to legend, it is a place where the gods descended from heaven to live, a place of prosperity and highly developed technology.

This mythical land is unlike any other. The people of Hyperborea are said to be immortals. They have a lifespan of up to 1,000 years, one day in this place would be equivalent to 365 days. The sun shines year-round throughout the month and sets only once a year. They live comfortably with composing music and related instruments.

The people of Hyperborea live in a democratic society ruled by three priests of the God Apollo. And every 19 years, God Apollo drives his flying car to this area.

In ancient Greek texts, Hyperborea is the name of a land inhabited by humans since 450 BC. This land is located further north than other regions and is inhabited by the Hyperborea people.

The Greek historian Herodotus also detailed this incredible place in his book Histories. Herodotus also records that the 7th century BC poet Aristeas wrote about the ancient Hyperboreans civilization in a poem called Arimaspea, about the journey of Issedones, who is said to have lived in the Kazakh Steppe.

Today, many people think that Hyperborea could be another name for Siberia.

4. Thule Continent

This is an unattested place in the North Sea, appearing in many ancient Greek and medieval texts.

The Greek explorer Pytheas (380-300 BC) was the first to mention the land of Thule with a description located in the north of present-day England. According to Pytheas, it took 6 days to reach Thule at sea.

However, at that time, many people did not believe in his theory. Many other documents have been found that refute that conclusion.

It was not until modern times that Pytheas' idea was re-discussed in scientific conferences and supported, claiming that it was related to Norway, Scandinavia, and Iceland.

Oscar-winning actress who used to live in Lemuria?

Shirley MacLaine (born April 24, 1934) is an American actress who has won multiple Academy Awards. Shirley MacLaine has written numerous books related to her past lives and the people she has come into contact with.

She is also an activist and author, with many books on new age spirituality, and reincarnation, as well as an autobiography.

According to Trithucvn, two of Shirley MacLaine's books are "The Camino: A Journey of the Spirit" and "I'm Over All That: And Other Confessions". I've been through it all) mentioned that Shirley had reincarnated as a human in the Lemurian civilizations.

Shirley MacLaine said Lemuria was a civilization that appeared before Atlantis and had a very high level of technology. In the book "Camino: A Journey of the Spirit", MacLaine said that the Lemuria civilization was the area of ​​the Garden of Eden mentioned in the bible. Lemuria has a very developed architecture with roads and crystal pyramids, all buildings are built on the electromagnetic balance of the natural forces on Earth, thus providing for humans' high-energy forms. Lemuria is a period of society with absolute harmony and balance between humans, nature (trees, animals), and Gods.

People of the Lemurian period were hermaphrodites, they were over 2 meters tall, walking like gliding on the ground, communicating with each other by telepathy. Meditating and connecting with God is a daily occurrence for the Lemurians. The Lemurian lifespan is almost immortal due to the physical characteristics and harmonious nature of society. However, after souls reach certain seniority, they only need to be elected to dissolve this physical body and return to the higher realms.

Trong cuốn “I’m Over All That: And Other Confessions”, MacLain viết:

“I vividly remember being a hermaphrodite in the time of the Lemurian civilization (before the civilization of Atlantis). I and the people around me live in an atmosphere of great peace and serenity. New beings are produced through the power of the mind during deep meditation.

Because of hermaphroditism, each of us has the characteristics of both a man and a woman, but the most important thing is the choice of the soul, which is manifested through the connection with God. Every human being here has an equal fluctuation between yin and yang, between male and female.

At one point in Lemuria's history, some of us were intrigued by the idea of ​​dividing yin and yang and oscillating yin and yang so that we could observe others with more objectivity. I am one of those who agree to participate in the so-called gender divide. Today, every culture on Earth has a myth describing the equivalent of Eve being born from Adam's rib.

Maclain said that the division of bisexual Lemuria into two men (men and women) created the Atlan (Atlantean) race in the heart of Lemuria civilization. The fact that men and women are separated from the oscillation of a bisexual person makes the male and the woman attract each other in sexuality, but it makes people feel that they are separate from the other half, and it is at the same time. The fear of being isolated, more lonely, and more importantly, the separation from the balance of the perfect souls is inherently likely to communicate with the gods.


The secret of the origin of human life is still a great unknown to humanity. Besides the Atlantis continents, there have been many findings on the existence and destruction of the continents and other prehistoric civilizations. This confirms that the knowledge and understanding of the current science of the history of the earth and human history are extremely limited.