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Former US military personnel revealed: Aliens were captured and tortured in secret prisons

SophieOct 27, 2022, 9:40:53 AM

In another shocking interview by Emery Smith and Corey Goode on the TV show Cosmic Disclosure Gaia, these two individuals revealed their history of direct involvement in classified US Air Force projects related to the US Air Force. detention, interrogation, torture, surgical analysis of aliens.

The impressive evidence presented by former military officer Emery and former NASA employee Corey provides evidence of atrocities committed in secret projects against close-knit aliens. as indistinguishable from modern man.

Corey Goode talks about the project "Intercept and interrogate intruders"
"It's a similar project to Men in Black," Corey said. What the "Intruder Intercept and Interrogate" project does is: If an intruder flies into our [Solar] system, it doesn't signal friend and foe but gets caught. will be removed from their ship.

Most of the cases happen when aliens come to Earth, and then secretly live here, mixing with us.

The group of people in this project, we call the ETs, will hunt down aliens who are on Earth illegally, after being captured they are taken to a certain station and then interrogated to find out if the target What is their destination.

This group also acts as a police force when there is a problem with the group of aliens that are allowed to stay on Earth."

After describing individual aliens who took on humanoid form and could easily blend into human society, Emery recounted his experience of meeting some aliens during autopsies. which he worked on for secret projects at Kirtland Air Force Base and other facilities across the United States. He emphasized that these aliens showed obvious signs of torture:

Emery: “…In the lab, where the analytical surgery and other things are done, there will be a few alien bodies that are brought in and they are often beaten so hard that an epidural hematoma is caused by an epidural hematoma. beaten in the back of the head. It looked like they were tortured, sometimes with broken bones.

It was not until later that I discovered that these individuals were from a certain prison or cell, and had been interrogated…. Because normally, their [body] is usually in pretty good condition, unless shot down or something. These people were clearly beaten to death.”

Former US military officer Emery Smith.

Corey: “A lot of people are interrogated to death because of stress and trauma. This is very worrisome. They are then labeled and taken away for research.”

Emery: “We met a few people who died of starvation. I don't know what happened."

Corey: “There will be prisons for them, where [the team of agents] manage them like a regular prison. That's where they interrogate the aliens for a period of time to gather more information or force them to report, or else pay the price."

After Corey and Emery jointly presented evidence of aliens in human form being tortured in special prisons, including a few prisons located outside of Earth. Corey went on to mention the number of aliens being held in a cryogenic chamber on the Moon:

“Not long ago I was shown a full view of the Lunar Operations Command. It links with two other Commands. The Lunar Operations Command they call LOC Alpha, in the lava caves on the Moon there are two other facilities called LOC Bravo and LOC Charlie. LOC Charlie has a cryogenics research facility, and within that facility there is a storage floor for individuals.

Emery: That's right, there's a huge area where I work [Kirtland Air Force Base], a large morgue where hundreds of aliens are kept before they're brought to the lab. There are always enough bodies and enough specimens, like an unlimited number. It's like they can't manage it, there's a lot of it. There are hundreds of rooms that I have worked in.

Corey: “What happens during an interrogation? If they cooperate, say they say I'm here, I have a small support team on Jupiter, please contact them to verify. In many cases, they will be handed over to the support team, punishing them more lightly and warned about what will happen if they infiltrate Earth.

Those they want to question further will be kept in prison. Some of the prisons were ships, some were some asteroids they found. Then they went up there and created frozen prisons, but mostly just regular prisons. There are many ways for them to trap these individuals.”

Former NASA employee Corey Goode.

Host: Are there any public figures who are aliens?

Corey: “Back then I was told that when they joined this project, they would limit the aliens' interaction with society. Everything must be pre-approved.

They can work in companies of human organization, but they cannot hold [positions] of power.”

Emery: “Certainly they are not allowed to hold any influential role. I know this. I can say with certainty that aliens do not hold great power, they do not do these things.

Maybe in the future they will have to save the planet and save us, but right now nothing like that happens. Look at the corruption around the world is to know. They [the team of agents] have specific rules, that aliens can't do certain things here."

Corey explained that: Most of the individuals detained in the Intruder Intercept and Interrogate project are aliens in human form, while the aliens that are not human are assigned to crawlers. handle Draco.

“We have Insects and Reptile aliens, these aliens we immediately transferred to the Dracos. Among the insect-order aliens, there is one that must be handed over… There are many amphibious aliens."

The Draco reptile – a species from Alpha Draconis in the constellation Draco, one of the worst places in the universe.

Information from Corey Goode and Emery Smith about various extraterrestrial intrusions on Earth being managed by a secret agency is reminiscent of what former Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said in December 2012:

“Besides the nuclear briefcase he carries, the President of the country also holds a special 'top secret' document. All the folders in the document contain information about the aliens that have visited our Earth… Along with that is a report on a top secret agency that manages the aliens on the territory. territory of our country…”

More evidence of alien torture

Goode and Smith are not the first to claim that aliens in human form are being secretly detained, interrogated, tortured, and killed in secret projects run by a secret semi-government agency. management globally.

One of the first relevant papers on the subject was from researcher Frank Crawford. He published his findings in the spring 1991 edition of the 'UFO Journal of Facts'. He recounts the process of holding and torturing an alien believed to belong to the Tau Ceti star system, based on an interview with a military witness who served in the US Navy under the pseudonym Oscar at the time that point.

This alien from the Tau Ceti star system is nicknamed Hank by Oscar. Oscar is tasked with dealing with an incident that happened in 1961, after which he discovers Hank injured in a damaged spaceship, and finally reveals the story below, as told by Mr. Crawford:

“As Oscar tells the story that made up this article, one thing is for sure, due to his military background, the pseudonym used in the article is to protect his identity. The interview revealed more terrible injustices to Hank and to Oscar himself.

At the direction of [Frank] Drake, the team of agents conducted medical experiments such as spinal puncture, marrow sampling, organ sampling, and other exploratory surgeries on Hank's body WITHOUT anesthesia. Oscar spent a lot of time over the course of 3 months communicating and getting close to this alien.

Are there aliens being held, interrogated, tortured and killed in secret projects on Earth?

One day, he interrupted Drake and Hank with a 0.45 ACP pistol, demanding an end to the torture. Drake stopped the torture, but the next morning, Oscar was ordered to leave immediately for Saint Albans Hospital in Radford, Virginia.

There he was detained for questioning… He was then forced into psychiatric treatment, which damaged his military record. Then, Oscar was strangely discharged from the army."

After returning to a normal life, Oscar and his father embark on a hiking trip to North Dakota. The two intentionally entered the restricted area around the base where Oscar used to work. The patrol arrested them and took them out of the area. While traveling with his partner, Oscar inquired about Hank's condition. One of the guards confided that this alien had died a few months before.

The information that significantly reinforces the above story is that in 1960, Drake directed the OZMA program, a project to study radio frequencies from different star systems to search for signs of extraterrestrial life. .

OZMA is the forerunner of the SETI program. In April 1960, the project began searching for extraterrestrial radio signals from the stars Tau Ceti and Epsilon Eridani. The possibility that the accident on Hank's ship in 1961 was related to Project Ozma.

In addition, there are many stories told about aliens in human form infiltrating human society. The famous psychic Ingo Swann once recounted his encounter with an alien woman who was being watched by two agents of the US Central Intelligence Agency.

It is important to emphasize that both Emery Smith and Corey Goode are participants in secret projects that carry out acts of alien torture but have the courage to make public records of these events. .

In particular, Smith provided documents confirming his military service at Kirtland Air Force Base, one of the locations where the torture took place. The revelations of witnesses Emery Smith and Corey Goode are compelling evidence admissible in a court of law or in a congressional hearing, and therefore deserve serious investigation.

Based on their testimony and other witnesses, the detention, interrogation, torture, and murder of aliens in secret prisons at underground bases, on the Moon, and in other locations. other, has occurred since the 1960s, or earlier.