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Cosmic secret: Possessing superpowers like Tesla can communicate with the spirit world to invent

SophieJun 23, 2022, 7:04:00 AM

Nikola Tesla is one of the great leading genius scientists in history, dubbed the 'inventor of the 20th century'. During his lifetime he had about 700 independent inventions with individual patents, and more than 1000 joint inventions. But the inspiration for creation and invention in his life did not come from him, but from an information field of the universe.

About the genius inventor Tesla

Tesla once said: “My brain is just a receiving machine. In the universe, there is a storehouse of data that holds all the information from which we can derive knowledge, strength, and premonitions. I still don't fully understand this core secret, but I know it exists."

Tesla has many special functions, he can hear very small sounds, from very far away, and has a very good memory for writing and images. You can also use the idea of ​​traveling in other times and spaces... 

The ability that most helped his invention was that he was able to create visual images in his brain, what is now known as the 'divine eye'. Thanks to that, Tesla can sketch out the detailed design in his head without any models, drawings, or experiments, and he can continuously improve until it is perfect to bring the finished product. The brain proceeds to make a reality, so his inventions are almost 100% successful. In fact, it was his communication with electromagnetic particles. Through his celestial eye, Tesla can also see that every electromagnetic particle is an intelligent being, so he considers electricity as a being, and can talk to them, and issue commands to them.

Scientists researching special abilities

Professor Lee Si-Chen is an excellent scientist from Taiwan with more than 25 years of research on special powers. He has been in contact with many people with special abilities, so he has a deep understanding of Tesla's special abilities. In 1996, Professor Ly began to train children to use their fingers to read words, and to study the power of ideas, the celestial eye, the celestial eye, or the third eye.

In 1999, Professor Ly Tu Sam made an important discovery: his team discovered that, when using special words, associated with certain historical or religious divine figures, for example, the words 'Buddha', 'Bodhisattva', 'Jesus', 'Confucius', 'Lao Tzu' or badges 'swastika' (卍), tai chi map... when looking at these words over children's celestial eyes, they will see lights or figures, temples, crosses glowing; sometimes see shadows, or hear sounds. 

This finding is completely different from the results of more than 800 finger readings. Since then, Professor Ly has found the key to dialogue with God in the field of cosmic information. He commented: The physical world we live in is four-dimensional real-time spacetime, while the four-dimensional virtual digital space-time is an information field, also known as the 'spiritual world'. So, any object of real spacetime, in virtual digital space has a similar conformational texture. This is called 'one thing and two objects' (one object, two images), as long as the object enters the macroscopic quantum state, the imaginary part will appear, consciousness will also appear, so everything All things have spirits.

About Professor Ly Tu Sam's experiment with communicating with the spirit world, basically using a girl named T with special abilities to complete the test.

Traveling the universe in search of God and Buddha

In 2002, Professor Ly invited Ms. T to read the letters with her hand and recognize the word 'Sam'. Sam is an abbreviation for Samuel. According to Webster's great dictionary, use Hebrew to explain what Samuel means 'name of God'. They hope to be able to see God. As a result, Ms. T first saw an empty cross, behind it was very bright, like a large door. She tried several times to enter that great door of the cross but could not get in. She even used various secret languages ​​such as 'Amen', and 'Hallelujah' many times, but there was no way to enter the door. 

Not until two years later, did the team once again let Ms. T-test This time, on the paper, they wrote 'Jesus' and added the question 'Is it possible to enter Heaven?' As a result, a light-emitting doorkeeper allowed Miss T to enter Heaven with her celestial eye. She saw the street filled with light, behind was a group of people emitting light, maybe they were Angels, they looked very calm and peaceful.

A few months later, Professor Ly tried to get Miss T to visit Medicine Buddha's garden. Through her celestial eye, she immediately saw 5 bright circles in a row, each row extending downwards, in the middle the light was quite dim, so in her heart, she thought 'can I go in and have a look?' At that moment, a very tall and bright person appeared and asked her where she wanted to see. Professor Li felt that the person was the Medicine Buddha. Miss T answered the place she wanted to see, Medicine Buddha pointed a finger, and she immediately saw a botanical garden, sparkling light. After viewing the composition of a certain plant, her celestial eye screen closed. 

After that, Ms. T asked if she could see another place. Medicine Buddha said: "One last place, after that will not be seen". Buddha pointed again, and she immediately saw a garden with soft vines hanging from the top, semi-transparent, they sway and at the lower point emit light, looking at them makes her feel a sense of harmony. 

The research team and Ms. T visited the Pharmacist's garden several times. Once they went to the pharmacy of the Apothecary's garden, the inside of the potions and the medicine cabinet were glowing, and full of drug information. Ms. T said that Professor Tran was sick and needed medicine, could she get medicine? The Medicine Buddha gave her one, but she couldn't pick it up. As a result, suddenly Professor Li and the research staff present all smelled the smell of herbal medicine in the laboratory. Everyone assumed it came from the pharmacist's garden pharmacy.

Contact with aliens

In June 2002, when Professor Ly was doing an experiment to read letters by hand, he asked Ms. T's teacher if he should introduce an alien to get acquainted. For half a year this wish has been fulfilled. Miss T used her celestial eye to observe an advanced civilization in the constellation Cygnus of the Milky Way, and she saw that this constellation's high-intelligence creature was quite similar in appearance to humans: with two eyes, two nostrils, one mouth, two hands, two feet, but each hand has only three fingers, one of which is particularly large, on the forehead, there is an antenna-like protrusion, but no legs are visible. Moreover, their actions are very fast, talking very fast, as if they are constantly talking to themselves as if they are communicating with others. 

The technology of these aliens far surpasses that of earthly humans. They have also been to the earth. T's teacher pointed to the location of the planet where this advanced civilization is located, a planet of a star at 32 degrees latitude, 20 degrees 19 minutes longitude in the constellation Swan. But Miss T using her celestial eye to view the alien world alone will not be able to convince others, so another independent verification is needed. So, Professor Li went to Beijing, went to the Research Institute of Human Sciences, University of Geology of China, found Professor Shen Jinchuan and Ms. Sun Ninglin - who possessed special powers and performed it again. Miss T's experiment. 

Professor Ly gave a constellation chart for Ms. Ton Tru Lam to use her celestial eye to observe to verify the alien civilization of the constellation Swan. The result was less than two seconds, Ms. Ton said: this alien on his head must have two antennas. She once again used her celestial eye to verify, and unexpectedly, in the blink of an eye, the aliens immediately retracted an antenna into her head. Later, Professor Ly let Miss T repeat the experiment and as a result, she saw her teacher talking to an alien, and indeed there are two antennas on this person's head, only one of them That antenna is sometimes long, sometimes short, sometimes not. After that, teacher T told her that the optional zoomable device was used to collect information, when not in use, it would be retracted. 

Professor Ly's research is based on human supernormal abilities and natural eyes, lacking direct evidence, but he personally believes that using the information field as the third type of contact is the only possible method at present.

In this alien contact experiment, it can be seen that Miss T needs the help of a teacher, who then allows her to see through the celestial eye. But for Ms. Ton Tru Lam, it is different, she does not need a teacher but can travel the universe by herself, and directly contact aliens, without the teacher's help, can see special abilities. Hers is very strong. In fact, Ms. Sun is one of the very few people with powerful special abilities in China today.

The great man Ton Tru Lam

Professor Li Sison, Chinese scientist Professor Shen Jinchuan, and Ms. Sun Ninglin collaborated on research for several years, and published a book titled 'Is it a special ability or potential? ' They did a lot of rigorous experiments on human science research with Ms. Ton. In the field, there are not only many monitoring machines, but the whole research process includes audio and video recording. 

At first, Ms. Ton only had the ability to see and read words with her ears, but later, because she completed a series of strange experiments by Professor Shen, she constantly trained and improved her ability, and discovered emits more than 60 kinds of special functions, including using the concept of making the radiometer rotor in a closed room quickly reverse, using the concept of stopping the quartz clock hand, breaking through the obstacles of space, giving the jack -Closed into the bottle, using the idea of ​​moving the button, causing the pills in the sealed bottle to come out. 

Ms. Ton also has the miraculous ability to make flower buds bloom quickly, causing many types of seeds to immediately sprout and produce leaves; can even make a green apple in just a few minutes turn into a red apple, and then from a red apple back to a green apple. She can also bring back dead or cooked vegetables that have died. During the experiment, she not only released a gong but more importantly, she used her mind to communicate with plants, that is, she was able to communicate with the beings of the spirit world. Plants confided in her about their feelings and desires. Without good communication, the experiment will not achieve the expected effect.

Make the seeds germinate instantly

Once, Professor Shen gave Ms. Ton three red beans for her to make sprouts right away. And Ms. Ton communicated with red beans, she whispered 'green beans, green beans, let's sprout quickly'. As a result, the pea passed the information to her 'Wrong, wrong. At that time, she did not understand, so she came up with the idea of ​​asking the red bean 'What is wrong?', and the red bean continued to say that she was wrong. Ms. Ton focused her attention on the front of her forehead and used her celestial eye to look, only then did she realize that the object that needed to be sprouted was red beans, not green beans, she had called the wrong name. She immediately responded, saying: 'Red beans sprout'. As a result, the red beans actually germinated.

There was also one time after Ms. Ton communicated with the tree, the image of a seed appeared on the screen on her forehead, and a long time passed without it moving. She finds it strange and asks why it didn't sprout. Unexpectedly, it relayed the message, saying that it doesn't want to right now, it wants to rest. Ms. Ton had no other way and told everyone present at the place where the experiment was taking place that now was not the time, the morning couldn't be done, and the seeds didn't germinate. 

During the experiment, Ms. Ton once felt herself and the plant as one. For example, when she makes a flower bloom quickly, she feels like entering the heart of the flower, gradually communicating with the flower, harmonizing, and then gradually becoming a part of the flower bud, together with the flower. When Ms. Ton did other experiments, such as moving buttons and coins, she had the same experience.

When conducting experiments to make seeds grow quickly, come back to life, and germinate, she discovered an important phenomenon, that is when she used the concept of urging the seed, there were plants, maybe a type of message or energy in the central part is directed outward in a spiral, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes thin, sometimes thick, sometimes loose, sometimes tight, that place will have a very clear change, from the inside out, keep rotating rotate and finally nine. This process of accelerating growth and maturation is known as 'forward rotation'.

Brings cooked seeds to life

When she did experiments on reincarnation, such as turning ripe red apples into green apples or making cooked peanuts or peas come back to life, the process was due to a spiral rotation from the outside. in. This process is called 'reverse rotation', in which there are glowing points of various colors, which are fast and slow, constantly changing color and shape, usually after repeatedly rotating. more than 10 rounds, the ripe fruit or cooked peas and peanuts gradually revive. This forward and reverse rotation transformation is very suitable for the propagation characteristic of the vortex field, which is not cone-limited, the speed surpassing the speed of light, can not only propagate towards the future but also the past. 

Ms. Ton used to use the principle of reverse transformation to reverse time and cure diseases. In a television interview, a Japanese professor from Tokyo Electromechanical University introduced Ms. Ton a Japanese boy to visit. The boy is 5 years old and has a tumor on his head. Ms. Ton brought the boy's diseased organ back in time when he was 3 years old, the tumor on the boy's head was gone. Many people may wonder, when the boy comes back at the age of 5, will the tumor appear again? Ms. Ton explained how the boy's diet and lifestyle should be watched. If his diet is still messed up, a tumor is likely by the age of 5. In other words, by that time, the physical changes in the boy's body would prove that the treatment was successful.

Use your thoughts to punch a hole in a coin

From the above example, we can see that Ms. Ton has entered the virtual digital spacetime and communicated with spirit bodies, or borrowed tools or energy of the spirit world to do things. Professor Ly Tu Sam once did an experiment for her to punch a hole in a coin. 

Ms. Ton described the specific process of conducting her experiment. At first, she made her mind go blank and still, feeling like she was in another time and space, when in front of her a screen appeared, on which appeared a fist holding a coin, then holding a coin. the hand disappears, the coin appears, and at first, the image is unstable, wait until it becomes clearer, and concentrate on the idea of ​​drilling a hole through it.

When the mind concentrates to a certain extent, on the screen appears a crystal clear hexagon bar, it feels very hard. She continued to strengthen the idea of ​​drilling a coin, suddenly a point of the hexagon bar suddenly protruded at a pointed round end using thrust and piercing, creating a hole in the coin. When pierced, the brain felt a shock, like a screen is about to break, at that time, when you open your hand, the coin has been punched. This is truly miraculous.

The ability to communicate with the spirit world

General Director Lam is the owner of a small electric company in Taiwan. Previously, he was ill, so he practiced sitting meditation, and after some time recovered from his illness, he continued to meditate. Once, he had a chance in the spirit world to see very special designs, it glowed, then he built a Bagua generator. The ordinary generator has 4 electrodes, but the rotor of the Bagua generator has 8 electrodes, it follows the ancient Chinese Luoshu design. The Bagua generator is driven by the engine to generate electricity and transmit it to the load. 

He found that in this Bagua generator within a certain frequency of transport, the output load power is unexpectedly higher than the input power. Mr. Lam could not explain this, he went to the Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan to report the results and ask for financial support. As a result, the experts said a sentence that 'Violates the law of conservation of energy and refused. 

Lam later asked Professor Ly Tu Sam, the professor said it was related to the superposition effect of the torsion field similar to the effect produced when the torsion field breaks space-time. Because in 1890, Tesla once designed an engine that could not need gasoline or fuel but used electricity generated by the car directly to manipulate and start the car. This also obviously violates the 'law of conservation of energy. Later, many people tried to simulate and apply for Patents in the United States, but because the source of energy could not be specified, they were rejected by the Patent Office.

Professor Ly Tu Sam thinks that this design is actually a kind of device structure created by the torsion field. Because the torsion field can enter the virtual digital space, bringing the energy stored there into the real digital space. This is exactly what can cause a generator to generate more power than its input since it can draw energy out of nowhere. 

Professor Ly suggested that Mr. Lam conduct a test run on a real road to verify that the Bagua generator really exists as 'vacuum energy'. He first tested the electric car with a standard battery, and the results after running 40 km, the voltage dropped below 49 volts and needed to be charged. He then used a Bagua generator in combination with a standard battery and ran the test again. As a result, the car runs up to 80 km, the battery still has a voltage of 55 volts, which means it can still continue to run, without charging. This is already 2 times the maximum distance that a typical battery can run.

In 2019, Mr. Lam fell ill and died. Before that, he brought his domestic and foreign generator patents, along with unfinished research and development, to his family and 3-4 university professors for further research. But so far has not officially appeared.

Looking back the scientist Tesla, life has more than 1000 inventions, but his life is very difficult. He could have been the richest man in the world, but he claimed to be denying the patent rights to alternating current, which is freely available to anyone to use. He created wealth for everyone, but he was poor, before his death he owed a lot. He refused the Nobel Prize, disregarding fame and gain.

If it is said that Tesla is the closest person to God, perhaps it is not only to refer to his intellect and talent but also to his virtue, soul and realm, all reaching the standards of the high-level spirit world, he has If you can communicate with the beings of the more microcosmic spirit world such as electromagnetic particles, you will be able to possess the wisdom and energy of the spirit world level.