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American man 'drowned' was sent back to Earth by two humanoid beings

SophieNov 27, 2022, 5:44:52 AM

A man in the US for having a near-death experience after "drowning". According to him, at that time he and those who had just died were waiting for reincarnation or the beginning of a next stage, but were brought back to the world by two mysterious humanoid beings through a passage, because he does not belong there.

Roiz said that that year he suffered from food poisoning after eating a contaminated salad, but his body was very weak. While standing under the hot shower in the bathtub, he suddenly vomited, so much so that his head hit the wall. His whole body then fell into the bathtub, unconscious.

As part of his body covered the drain hole in the bathtub, the water level in the tub rose, eventually causing him to "drow" in the tub. He told himself, don't "sleep," but his body was completely motionless, powerless to resist.

The next thing he knew, he said, he appeared in a lounge-like room, the size of a typical bedroom. He saw other people around him, but they were in different rooms. There was a man groaning to his right, who also appeared to have died of food poisoning.

“I also heard a woman groan. I can really tell what she's thinking. She is very sad that she has died, but she still has a baby, so she doesn't want to leave ," he said.

He said that he and others seemed to be waiting to proceed to the next stage after death. They all seemed to get there at the same time, so there was a long line.

He felt that they would go to the spirit world or somewhere, maybe let the soul enter another body, and then return to Earth to reincarnate.

However, suddenly two humanoid beings appeared in Roiz's room, looking down at him. He knew they were men, but he couldn't remember what they looked like, whether they had hair, long beards, or if they looked like angels.

Roiz said, the humanoid being on the right said to the being on the left: “What is he doing here? He doesn't belong here. Take him back to the bathroom.”

Roiz continued, he immediately left his room and returned to Earth through a tunnel made of multicolored light. He saw his body soaked in water. Finally he returned inside the body, moving his body so that the tub drained.

Ultimately, he says, that experience radically changed his mind.

The man, named Phil Roiz, recently shared his near-death experience in Texas in 2012 on YouTube's "The Other Side NDE" channel.

(Please click here to watch Phil Roiz's autobiographical video)