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Leadership vs Dictatorship

talk2robbyAug 28, 2021, 11:12:56 PM

They say "You must fight Fire with Fire" and this is what we have done for many years...  What have we learned....  ?

One thing we know: you cannot fight Darkness with Darkness... Only the "Light" can do that. Just as you cannot fight "Hate" with hate... Only "Love" can do that. ~ MLK 

Dictators enforce their rule using power and fear to force compliance and servitude. They spread fear.

Leaders lead with motivation and a collective understanding of how to serve and honor those that empower them.  They absorb  fear from the people.

Dictators come in many forms, hiding behind religion, feeding conspiracies, creating victims and motivating people using black-flag fear tactics.  Once they instill fear in people, Dictators know the true power that harms a victim most is not the cruelty they impose upon them, but the silence of their neighbors, their friends and bystanders. 

Leaders feel the dream and make everyone around them a part of that dream.  Because if you don't have a dream, how are you going to make it come true?  A Leader knows there are no problems, only decisions, and that we, people, can overcome and conquer together.   Because when you treat people the best they deserve to be treated, and when you absorb and remove their insecurities, you empower their strength, you encourage them to become what they are capable of being, being their best.  A Leader knows with surety that worrying doesn't empty tomorrow of its troubles, but it does empty today of its strength.

Dictators stand behind an army that enforce and impose ideals and rule on their enemies and their people.

Leaders stand in front of the people that empower them to do the right thing, looking into the darkness with purpose and light that shines within.  Leaders work for the betterment of humanity and life.

Leaders are the targets of the Dictators.  Dictators know that once you take out that Leader, unless there is another Leader ready to pick up that torch when it falls, people that empowered the dream will fade back into the shadows of repression. 

Those that have read this, I hope you will both back up the Leader with the torch and be willing to pick it up when it falls.