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Human Internal Evolution, 3.1ers (#Soul, #Spirit, #Life)

talk2robbySep 2, 2021, 4:09:33 AM

Disclaimer: I was not born in this host. In addition, I need you to read some pieces of sacred-knowledge, advance topics in order for you to grasp a basic idea of the lesson I am trying to share.  They are not burning us at stake anymore so we should be safe. I am taking a chance in this blog by jumping the gun over the mental migration that anyone reading this blog would have if they started at the beginning.  Here goes…

To the "Un-Awakened" ...   "Seeing is Believing."
To the "Awakening"      ...  "Feeling is Believing."

We as people have confined our abilities into what we see in the mirror, we have been trained from birth that image is everything. TV, News, Music, Going through school, if you were not wearing the right cloths or your hair was outside the norm, some kid would point it out. This is programming on the instinctive level, your subconscious mind records this input both external and internal (how you act and how feel about it). Were you the bully, the one that got bullied, were you the one that watched the event from the sidelines, or did you participate either verbally or physically, did you pick a side? After the fact did you replay the event in your minds-eye and make up what you should have done? Once you go to sleep the subconscious part of your brain will play through scenarios that rotate around that feeling and your actions. It is those actions that will be the prime factors used to generate new instinctive responses and they will be written into your character profile. For all humans this is how we are programmed until we make it through the first 3 levels of the internal evolution. The energy within does not start the Awakening process until you step over that line to 3.1. We will talk a little about this below but will break this down in more detail in a blog I will call “The Awakening” which I may share depending on feedback.


If you take this all into account, you begin to realize the importance of learning how to control those instincts, because not controlling them is basically allowing your host to take charge and will inevitably destroy your ability to think clearly when your host takes instinctive control, which may or may not be the action you would have done in a normal frame of mind. It is almost like you are fighting outside and struggling inside.


Pass out and play dead in front of a hungry bear (probably not a good idea).  We must retrain our brain by going through a de-integration process to reduce its instinctive control over us, so our host can concentrate solely on itself (growing physically, healing, etc.). Once that partnership has been developed it will allow us to maintain productive conscience thought while we reprogramming the subconscious autonomic response system to work in a more favorable way (Make us bigger, faster, stronger while controlling the energy around us and imposing it upon that bear, causing its instincts to change direction (You Shall NOT PASS!!! ;).  (We will talk more about this in later blogs that talk about the Conscious Migration from Host to Soul and Lucid Dreaming Mastery.) If we as people rely only on the image, what we see (in the mirror), as who we are (as many do) then the boundaries we have defined become a real limitation, and you will prove it (Believe it's real, and it is real {to you}, and nobody can tell you otherwise.  I am sure I will get some comments from those people or a thumbs down.).  


In order to become what we potentially can be, we must separate who we really are from the body we see in the mirror.  We set boundaries because of how we've been brought up through our life. Let's (again) recall the phrase "Seeing is believing", we've all heard that one before and even if you only partially believe it, you have set your boundaries and limited your potential. In order to get the most out of this lesson we will just modify this phrase slightly and move those boundaries further out.  Your new phrase is "Feeling is believing", also keep in mind that we are not just talking from a physical standpoint; we want to get deeper than that.  If you are incapable of feeling, then there is nothing here for you and you will live a soulless life.  I know you are educated and can point out why the soul doesn’t exist, and you are absolutely correct…  (for yourself and every other soulless)

soul or maybe Soul:
Imagine a glass dipping into the river (of life). This glass was filled with water from a river that has traveled through an infinitesimal multiverse.  The wonders it has seen are linked to memories, that if unlocked may lead you to treasures untold, to thoughts unknown, destinies unforeseen and questions that may lead you to answers unimagined. The glass then hosts the water as our Temple hosts (a soul).  If we pored the water back into the river, it is not possible for the water that was in the glass to contain itself as an individual element, UNLESS some changes have occurred to alter its current state.  HELLO!!

The soul vs Soul:

Some people don’t believe in the Soul and some people do.  I will be the first to tell you they are both right. Not everyone has a Soul, most people just have a power-source everyone refers to as a Soul.  I will call that power source a “soul” with a little ‘s’. Everything in life needs a power source. And this is another advance topic that I won’t get into, but I will leave this topic with the purpose of life… Which is to give a soul a chance to become…


Aware of Itself. (The other side of the coin)


How do you change the water in the glass?  The first thing we need to change is our understanding, and the knowledge of who we really are.  We have our lifetime, which allows us to develop as an individual element within this multiverse, it also allows us to develop a more personal understanding, an identity, and individual awareness.  Unfortunately humans have been trained from birth for 1000’s of year to segregate themselves from the very source that created them.  Religious leaders managed to put a false god and themselves as a middleman between you and that source. Making everyone believe a lie that has kept them in charge for millennia and that lie is “You are not worthy”.

Another advance topic:  Duality during the Conscious Migration of Host to Soul. It is a battle, but once the host submits to your leadership, it will begin to change its vibrational signature to match that of its leader. (The Soul Awakens)


HOLLLY HELLLL!!!!  What did you say!!!  LoL.  Feeling is Believing.  Remember that.


Hopefully if you have read to this point it is because you may have already started the awakening process. The soul (with a little s) starts off as power source for the host. And then the host may go through the evolutionary steps that may end up causing the soul to awaken. Let us talk briefly about that. Keep in mind that not everyone starts at step one.


Internal Human Evolution:

  • Level 1 (Animal, I am an Alpha): Mental state Animal (Instinctive) Living in an Animal (Instinctive) State. This state is survival, they have a “Alpha? Not Alpha” type of thinking. They create their own definition of right and wrong, but they understand discipline. Jail is a form of discipline. They are not afraid of the law, but they will submit to the power behind the idea. Most times they have a hard time controlling their tempers.
  • Level 2 (The Devil Made Me Do It): This level is trigger by the ability to judge self. Mental state Animal (Instinctive) Living in a Human area of existence (Surrounded and being influenced by life in society). Like level 1, but with a little motivation to fit in. When they walk down the street and people pass them, they feel like they are fitting in. They are starting to look a styles and stuff as interesting and maybe something they would like. They start to look at themselves in the mirror with thoughts of becoming better.
  • Level 3 (I am not Worthy): The ability to override instinctive need or hide it a little more creatively. Mental state Human (Human/Animal to Human/Human: Partially Conscious up to about 50%, Trained Instinctive responses to match that which is accepted by social-core, capable of empathy or understands the idea of it, Living in a Human area of existence (Some conscious influence over self, with animal or instinctive flare). Humans with ideas and status within a community. Understand the Social-core and what it takes to blend in or stand out. They want to look better than their peers and continuously compare themselves with what they perceive is a lower class. Example: "We are so much better than those people." and "Remember that person from school, they are this or that". They watch the commercials and dream about getting the latest in something. And thrive on Stuff, Status, and love to make it look like they are doing Awesomely. But can get angry and stress out allowing instincts to prevail often as they all fall into a routine of doing the same thing today, they did yesterday. Complaining but rarely questioning.
  • Level 3.1 (Who am I? What is the purpose of …? Why …?): Triggered by breaking the boundaries of your host. Mental state Human with random Spiritual Experiences (Conscious and Questioning Life, Death, Purpose, "wondering about" or "questioning the idea of" God) Feeling more outside yourself as if you were a duality (not caring about what people think anymore). The Awakening begins when a little bit of that energy within, the soul (with a little s) reaches up like a child seeing something shiny for the first time. The soul sees something shinny too, but this shiny thing is the conscious mind. Once touched it become a Soul (with a big S) and you now have a fight on your hands as you begin to spit in two. The host will not submit without a fight and the Soul cannot go back to being what it was. A power source for the Host. This duality drives many insane and suicidal because most do not understand what is going on. and 3.1'ers cannot talk to 3.0 or below about it, they are incapable of understanding. You have just taken a first step away from human