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Character Creation Contest

talexratcliffeApr 23, 2021, 7:25:17 AM

GOOD EVENING LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! I recently acquired enough money to do something I've been wanting to do for a while. I hired a professional editor with a history in fiction and who wasn't afraid of some grit. So, I hired them to polish my first book as well and before the relaunch next month I want to spend some Tokens and run a contest.

The Contest

In my books there are teams that compete with melee weapons that stun, in games with three different randomly chosen events. I want to hold a contest to make a team for the semi-final round in the third and final book. We need five players and this is where the contest lies. I am looking for artist, writers, and anyone who has the gumption to create their own character. Draw or model your character or write a short story around 1000 words or so about them. The winner will be picked by the number of likes, but I will hold final say to prevent any characters named things like Boaty McBoatface. I will also be releasing promo posters of the main characters to give some ideas.


1st Place

40 Tokens, Character is Team Captain, S-rank (Special A)

2nd Place

20 Tokens, Character is vice-captain, A+ rank

3rd Place

10 Tokens, A rank

4th Place

9 Tokens, A rank

5th Place

8 Tokens, A- rank

The characters will be included in the third and final book in the semifinal round against the main characters. All winners will also receive an autographed physical copy of the relaunched book when it is published in May. (including the time it takes for them to be printed.

What you need to win

I'm including the information on the games and character names already taken here


I will also be lowering the cost of the old version of the book to $0.99, with plans to make the book free for a period as soon as Amazon stops fighting with me. The last day to enter is Sunday May 30 12pm EST. Please tag me @talexratcliffe on entries and use #Battlegames or the Battle Games group I made here


I will be posting more information on the legal stuff later. Good luck to everyone!