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Why i don't take minds seriously anymore.

PullTheTriggerNov 24, 2018, 9:15:51 PM

[No sources intended ; RANT ahead]

[it's been a long time coming, finally putting it out there]

When i first came to minds two years ago (Not naming any of my ole accounts) I was more cheerful to want to share my life, and photographs, with videos, pictures. After i found out this was a farce to do so, started seeing no body wanted this just the flow of news or politics.... Really ? So why is minds called a social network then, if' it lack what a social network functions as ?

Most the people, I have met on minds usually act if having a stick up their ass is the best way to communicate, then have you ejected from minds itself.

As of this I gave up on minds and came back many times with different user names or aliases, wanted to be-frend people rather than fight, although that is inevitable I can see.

You can not be your self on here, which is odd for a social network.

"Calling it a social network"

It feel more as a forums board imo, where only information can be share or your damned to be "What the shitlords call anyone not inside there narrative is a jewish person magically"

I wish minds actually functioned as a social network, but' I don't see that happening anytime soon, just seems like a place to hangout at rather than be "Actually social with other user that Rather pick away at people like vultures on a dead body"

I think i'll just try to keep it all papers on here then for now on "Sources on future posts" rather than letting random people fuck around with "Actually being social butterfly" seems pointless on minds.

Please read from top to bottom of my rant [beware lol]

Alright have a good day, had to get this off my chest.

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