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SJW Movies and TV... Will it ever end?

SusanSewallAug 26, 2019, 1:06:12 AM

Star Wars, Marvel, Shameless and so many others are getting woke. I have been hearing about everyone doing this and even in my favorite shows but didn't think about doing a blog on it till someone asked for this one.

So when we bring in the SJW bull does it really do any good? Hell no, if you bring in politics to pander to a small percent of the world do you honestly believe that you will get anywhere? Women are claiming that they are oppressed because a man "makes more" or that someone sexually assaulted them because he looked that them. POC want more of their races in movies like they don't have movies just for them that have all black casts. I want a white Madea! Call me racist I dare you.

"Lighter one, when if ever will this rehashing of old films and tv shows to make them sjw approved end?"  This was the question asked for todays' topic. As you can tell by my previous blogs I have people in my home that talk about this stuff on a daily basis and wonder the same things, my father thinks it will happen in about 2 years that every company with either crash and burn or turn their shit around and quit giving in to a bunch of participation trophy having whine asses.

Eventually this is going to come to a head and like the nasty cyst on society that this is, it will pop and all of the infected will come out and be wiped away (gross analogy, but fitting) and we will have those who seek to make good movies and tv looking for work. This will all eventually die down and go quiet like everything else does and we will be given back the shows and movies we love. 

Hurts to say but this will come at the expense of movie and tv companies dying off and to bring in new ones. We will also have to live with the knowledge that their are shit movies that we can't get rid of (Capt. Marvel) and go on. 

All of this will end when the people who are the mass majority tell them to, when we quit seeing their movies when we quit buying their products when we say "I'm not watching it because you put out nothing but shit" will we finally end it. The only reason they are doing this is because of the voice of the few sounding like the many because the many are not speaking at all.