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What is Your Destiny Number and What Does It Mean?

Supernatural InsightApr 6, 2019, 8:58:37 PM

What is Your Destiny Number and What Does That Number Mean?

Destiny Number

In numerology, the destiny number is one of the most influential numbers. It describes the actions that you must take in your life to meet your full potential.

Where your life path number describes what skills you come into this world with, the destiny number shows what you need to become in this life.

Another way of looking at it is that it shows you the opportunities that you have at your disposal in this lifetime. These opportunities may not come easy, but they are available to you, and you should strive to achieve them.

By understanding your destiny number, you’ll be able to set better goals for yourself as you go through life.

How to Reduce Your Name to a Single Number

Use this name numerology chart below to determine the numbers that correspond to the letters of your name.

Determining Your Destiny Number

Your destiny number is the sum of your entire name as it appears on your birth certificate.

Reduce each name to a single number, then reduce the sum of those numbers to a single digit. As always, we leave the master numbers 11 and 22 whole.

As an example: Johnathan David Pierce would reduce to a 7

Johnathan = 1 + 6 + 8 + 5 + 1 + 2 + 8 + 1 + 5 = 37 and 3 + 7 = 10 and 1 + 0 = 1

David = 4 + 1 + 4 + 9 + 4 = 22

Pierce = 7 + 9 + 5 + 9 + 3 + 5 = 38 and 3 + 8 = 11

Destiny Number = 1 + 22 + 11 = 34 and 3 + 4 = 7

The Meaning of Your Destiny Number

Destiny number 1. Those with a destiny of 1 are meant to be leaders. 1 often points to a person becoming a business owner or being recognized for their talents.

As you move through your life you should be focused on new opportunities in new careers and inventiveness. You need to develop your innovation and ingenuity.

Achieving your destiny may not be easy, however. Unless you have other parts of numerology pointing to your independence or ability to achieve things on your own, you will likely need others working for you to meet your potential.

You have the ideas and can see the big picture, but the little things may escape you. Choose your employees well and you’ll certainly succeed.

Destiny number 1 challenges. The tendency to want to overpower everyone around you can make you hard to be around and your need to always be innovating can make you make changes when you really don’t need to.

You can still achieve your destiny without being overly bossy and self-centered.

Destiny number 2. 2 means that you should be moving toward a role of understanding people and spirituality. If you are a 2 you will find success in mediation.

Progressing through your life you should strive to find a partnership or group of people to work with. Within this group, you’ll be able to reach your potential to be a true diplomat and advisor.

The more you settle into your advisor role, the more you will gain the ability to read others and perceive what they need and desire. This deep spiritual connection is one of the real powers of destiny number 2.

You will have to learn to let others get the credit for many of your ideas and work. As an advisor, your role will mostly keep you in the shadows helping those in your inner circle.

Destiny number 2 challenges. Your close connection to others makes you sensitive and easily hurt. This can make you uncertain and nervous.

Focus on your positive attitude and you can overcome these shortcomings.

Destiny number 3. 3 represents your need to grow in the direction of creativity and inspiration. Your life is largely centered around raising the spirits of others.

Public relations or sales are also good paths for you to follow. You can get far in both of these positions as your ability to bring imaginative presentations to your audience will make others naturally enjoy them.

As you progress in life you need to focus on your communications abilities. This will allow you to reach your full inspirational and entertainment destiny.

Being social is key to number 3. Social ability fuels your talents and your potential for success.

Destiny number 3 challenges. 3 is fraught with the possibility of becoming superficial. As you gain notoriety (and possibly even fame) it will become easier and easier for you to fall victim to it.

Focus on facts and try to ignore gossip. This will make you less likely into the superficial trap.

Destiny number 4. 4 is a very grounded, ordered, and management-oriented path. You need to learn to work long hours to be successful.

You’re particularly capable of making large-scale change in the material world. You will do best becoming things like an architect, builder, or teacher, but you can also excel in any career which relies upon planning and organizing.

Destiny number 4 can also excel in creative careers that take structure and order into play.

You should make sure that you keep people around you that have a similar moral compass and work ethic as you. That is when you’ll be the happiest.

Destiny number 4 challenges. You will easily fall into adopting a dominant attitude and come off as bossy to those around you. This can be compounded by the number of tasks that you take on causing you frustration.

Be aware of this tendency and try to keep it from coming to the forefront.

Destiny number 5. You have a wide array of talents and are able to do many things well. This may seem great, and it can be, but you must work toward growing all of these skills.

Destiny number 5 is adept in a wide range of careers because of their many talents. It also makes them a quick thinker and easily adaptable to changing scenarios.

The 5 destiny can be at home in sales, advertising, media, and entertainment. A continually changing focus may keep them swapping careers throughout life.

You will be most happy by meeting and learning to like a wide variety of people.

Destiny number 5 challenges. Your ever-changing interests can make you restless and unable to stick with something long enough to advance. You also have a hard time keeping normal hours, this can make traditional jobs difficult to keep.

Try to stick with things until you’ve reached a particular goal, this will keep you from hopping around endlessly. If you can find employment that doesn’t need normal hours you’ll be better off.

Destiny number 6. You are destined to grow toward love, balance, and family. You may be driven to helping the less fortunate by becoming a doctor, or teacher. Religion and even decorating and art dealing are all possibilities for you.

Much of the future for a 6 revolves around family and creating a happy home. If they focus on a career that also lends itself to these desires, they will be happiest.

Your happiness, openness, and generosity can attract people to you. Friends, family, and co-workers will enjoy your company.

Focus on your sympathetic side, build a happy home, and you will be rewarded with a degree of physical wealth.

Destiny number 6 challenges. Worry, and interfering in others affairs can take over if you’re not careful. It can also lead to you being stretched too thin, running yourself ragged.

Be sure to take time for yourself and try not to push when your opinion is not wanted.

Destiny number 7. 7 leads toward deep understanding and introspection when properly followed. As you harness your ability to analyze events and seek out the truth, you will gradually retreat more and more into yourself.

For the number 7 destiny, the type of work really doesn’t matter. What matters is that the work involves a search for answers and wisdom beyond what most people are capable of.

Technical, religious, and scientific research paths are all open to7. Your logic and rational approach to gaining knowledge is your strength.

You will be most at peace when you find a path that allows you to work by yourself and in your own way.

Destiny number 7 challenges. For all of your good traits, the challenges of the number 7 destiny can be rather difficult to overcome. Emotions and other people are often foreign to you and you can be self-centered if you aren’t careful.

Take some time from your studies to learn how to deal with others and your own emotions.

Destiny number 8. The number 8 destiny is one of material gain and the achievement of financial security and status. You should strive to perfect your managerial skills and become goal oriented.

Your good judgment where money is concerned makes you well suited to running large accounts and managing others. Political and government positions are places where you can easily succeed.

If you follow your destiny you can expect to get material rewards. This can come in the form of owning a business or through other means.

You’ll be happiest when you have a well-laid plan ahead of you that is taking you toward your next goal

Destiny number 8 challenges. Intolerance has a way of creeping into your thought process as can stubbornness. Your drive to achieve wealth and power can get in the way of other parts of your life.

Try to keep an open mind when you’re dealing with others, just because an idea is different than yours doesn’t mean it is always wrong.

Destiny number 9. 9 is moving toward things greater than themselves. This manifests in a compassionate attitude toward the world and a desire to help your fellow man.

Medicine, legal pursuits, religion, and diplomatic offices are all good choices for you. Anywhere that you can help others will be a good fit for the number 9 destiny.

Surround yourself with people, friendship and love to reach your fullest potential. Work to develop a broad worldview so you can better see where your skills are most needed.

You will happiest in any pursuit that lets you give to others. In return, you will be met with a very rewarding existence.

Destiny number 9 challenges. The challenges of 9 come from a tendency to become self-centered if you ignore your calling of helping others. The farther you stray from this calling, the worse your selfishness will become.

Make sure you help others as often as possible to prevent this from happening.

Master Number Meanings

As always with master numbers, you should focus on the root number most (2 for 11 and 4 for 22). Most of your destiny is derived from these root numbers.

The master number simply means that you have the potential to exceed the average person. Do not take anything from granted as master numbers also have the potential to fall even deeper into the negative side of their base number.

Destiny number 11. Destiny 11 means that you have the potential to become very intuitive. To the point of it becoming almost supernatural.

If you develop your skills toward leadership and teaching you will be able to inspire others to follow you into the unknown.

Destiny number 22. Destiny number 22 shows that you are meant to change the world in a long-lasting meaningful way. Develop your ability to build and create to reach your full potential.

You can change the material world as long as you stay on course.

Destiny Number Wrap Up

The destiny number is one of the most important numbers in numerology. Do your best to understand your destiny number then strive to acquire all the skills needed to meet that destiny!

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