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Update: Russian Plane Incident, Puerto Rican Governor Developments, Hong Kong Protests May Increase Security

SubverseJul 24, 2019, 8:47:58 PM

By Sean Jackson 

Russian Diplomats Deny Apology over allegedly invading South Korean Airspace

Reports that Russia apologized to the South Koreans over an alleged encroachment on South Korean airspace Tuesday are now being denied by Russia’s embassy in Seoul. The joint air patrol between China and Russia was cause for the South to scramble fighter jets that shot off 340 rounds as a warning to the Russian A-50 surveillance aircraft.

The statement indicating that an undisclosed Russian military attaché had expressed regret over the actions, citing an equipment malfunction as the reason for the entry into South Korean airspace. The claims come from Seoul earlier today. Russian diplomats were quick to deny any regret, as well as this version of events.

The Russian embassy released a statement, stating, “The Russian side did not make an official apology.” The embassy has begun noting inaccuracies in comments from the South Korean side.

Puerto Rican Governor set to resign after twelve days of protest

Puerto Rican Governor Ricardo Rossello is reportedly resigning from office amid 12 day long protests calling for his resignation. The Governor has been at the center of a message leaking scandal that has crippled his administration’s ability to carry out its duties.

Rossello stated previously that he would remain in office regardless of the public outcry, and finish out his term, but that he would not seek reelection, saying, “My effort and my commitment is to follow through on some of the efforts that I’ve established for the people of Puerto Rico. That includes establishing, again, a plan that I’ve already circulated with members within the White House so that we can battle this corruption…”

In the United States, members from both parties had called for Rossello’s resignation, among those Republican Senator Rick Scott, as well as Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro.

A government source close to the Rossello administration stated that the governor would be stepping down in a “quick exit” and that Rossello will be releasing a video to help move the island government forward.

China suggests that troops may be used to quell Hong Kong Protests.

As protests in Hong Kong continue China has made its most forceful warning yet, stating on Wednesday that it is prepared to deploy its military to the city if protesters threaten governmental authority.

The protests, which are aimed to help Hong Kong retain its autonomy, and preservation of unique characteristics aside from China, started on March 31st. The protests started with the proposal of an extradition bill which would subject citizens of Hong Kong to de facto court jurisdiction from the Communist Party of China.

The Chinese government’s threat of force is a stark reminder that Beijing still has control over the territory of 7.4 million. Colonel Wu Qian of China’s Ministry of National Defense issued a warning to protestors, stating, “The behavior of some radical protesters challenges the central government’s authority, touching on the bottom line principle of ‘one country, two systems’. That absolutely cannot be tolerated.”

Analysts state that a military intervention in Hong Kong will likely inflame the situation, exacerbating the exact reason of why the protests continue.

Elsa Kania, an expert on Chinese military and defense strategy said in an interview with the New York Times, “I think it is likely to backfire and further harden public opinion and concerns about the Communist party of China at a time with the ‘one country, two systems’ model is being called into question.”