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Earn Crypto for BOTH Reading AND Blogging on This New Platform

igort0xMar 19, 2019, 8:04:52 PM

Publish0x is a crytpo agnostic publishing platform similar to Medium and Steemit, that has launched with the intention to change the publishing industry by rewarding both authors (bloggers) and readers in crypto. Another unique aspect of the platform is that it didn’t conduct an ICO or raised funds, and it doesn’t have its own token.

Publish0x.com - a place where both Readers and Bloggers Earn Crypto

Earn Crypto While Supporting the Project You Love

Unlike other crypto blogging platforms like Steemit, Publish0x doesn't have it's own token, and none is in development. Instead, through Publish0x, users are able to earn multiple tokens over time.

Since it's inception in last quarter of 2018, the platform has already attracted over 2000 users who have created 420 blogs (and counting).

Publish0x.com Homepage

CoinGecko, SelfKey, Loopring, Bounty0x and others Have Started a Blog on Publish0x

But it's not just the users who have found the platform interesting.

Multiple projects have realized the potential of Publish0x and have started blogging as well. These include CoinGecko, Selfkey ($KEY), SpectreCoin ($XSPEC), Syscoin ($SYS), OneRoot ($RNT), Loopring ($LRC), Bounty0x ($BNTY), Banano ($BAN), Qubitica ($QBIT) and others.

CoinGecko recently started a blog on Publish0x.

How Both Readers and Bloggers Earn Crypto on Publish0x

When a blogger creates a post, all users will see a "tipper" at the bottom of the post. Readers use the tipper to tip authors, and keep a percentage of the tip themselves.

Currently tips are in BAT (Basic Attention Token), DAI (MakerDAO) and HYDRO (Project Hydro) and you can expect other tokens to tip in at a later date.

*Tips are free for both authors (bloggers) and readers, and come from Publish0x rewards pool.

The "tipping" mechanics found at the bottom of every post on Publish0x.

If Tips are Free for Both Authors and Readers, then Where Does the Money Come From?

The business model is unique? in the industry. Through Publish0x, different projects have the chance to sponsor the site and give out larger tips to all users.

From the perspective of projects, Publish0x tipping mechanism can be viewed like a unique way to conduct an airdrop and distribute a portion of the tokens to an audience who already has a wallet and understands what crypto tokens are all about.

Currently, users are making over 9,000 tips per day, which makes this a unique way for projects to get exposure to a wide audience that reads interesting content and earns tokens while doing it.

You can join Publish0x.com and try it for yourself by clicking here.

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Start earning crypto for blogging and reading or just try out a unique, new project by registering on Publish0x today at www.publish0x.com