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Why by validating Azvudine for Covid, China proves Luc Montagnier right on the link between Covid and AIDS

MacKenzieJul 30, 2022, 9:16:17 AM

The journal Nature announced on July 26, 2022 that China approves Azvudine, an antiretroviral treatment used in the fight against HIV / AIDS and questions the announcement made by Professor Luc Montagnier who affirmed in 2020 that Sars Cov -2 had been manufactured in the laboratory and was the subject of one or more function gains. Here are some explanations that show that Professor Luc Montagnier was not mistaken and that the pharmaceutical industry continues to enrich itself by offering "treatments" on pathogens that they have helped to create artificially.

The recent announcement of the validation of Azvudine by China to treat Covid raises many questions, except in the subsidized press which pays little attention to it but which had copiously put Professor Luc Montagnier in the closet (for the umpteenth time) in 2020 for his publication showing gp120 sequences in the Sars Cov-2 genome.

Sars Cov-2: Professor Montagnier evoked a chimera with characteristics of HIV


In August 2020, Professor Montagnier and mathematician Jean Claude Perez published information that 18 fragments of Sars Cov-2 RNA were homologous with SIV or HIV . These fragments composed of 18 to 30 nucleotides had the ability to modify the gene expression of Sars Cov-2. In other words, it is a chimera made in the laboratory because this work could not be the result of a natural evolution but only of a gain of function, namely genetic engineering.


In March 2022, we discussed the appearance of new epidemics from chimeras developed within the framework of Western biological weapons programs and recalled the work of L. Montagnier and JC. Perez:


The work of Professor Montagnier and mathematician Jean Claude Perez had shown that the genome of the coronavirus was modified and contains the gp120 of HIV / AIDS. Their work was confirmed by another Italian doctor in a book entitled “the chimera that changed the world”; Joseph Tritto, microsurgeon, expert in biotechnology and nanotechnology, president of the World Academy of Biomedical Sciences and Technologies, and author of a book.


A protease inhibitor to treat Covid?


For non-specialists, Azvudine is one more antiretroviral treatment. This is not the case since it is an antiretroviral used for many years to treat patients infected with HIV (AIDS). Some will have noticed that Azvudine is a protease inhibitor like zidovudine , better known as AZT, which is the 1st antiretroviral available in the United States to treat HIV infection, then in the world entire.


I like to recall that in the 1960s, zidovudine was developed by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), which funds public health research in the United States. First developed to treat cancer, its significant side effects relegated it to the closet…until 1985. The Burroughs Wellcome laboratory – part of the GlaxoSmithKline group for several years – bought the patent for a pittance when the development had been financed by the public sector, therefore by the citizens' taxes. Treatments will then be billed at $10,000 per year per AIDS patient. The lie of the cost of “research and development” for this product will have made it possible to justify such a price. It is difficult not to compare this story with the one we are experiencing today for injections against covid which are fattening the pharmaceutical industry and giving it economic and political power without comparison in the past.


Azvudine acts on gp120


Azvudine is therefore a nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor – like AZT (zidovudine) – which was widely denigrated by the subsidized press who claimed that it was foreign to the dynamics of Covid and that there was no no link between aids and covid .


But now, azvudine – to be effective – inhibits in particular the surface protein of HIV called gp120. So the effectiveness of this antiretroviral against Covid could prove Professor Montagnier right on the (partial) presence of gp120 in the Sars Cov-2 genome.


Azvudine remains very close to zidovudine in its process of inhibiting gp120 ( in interaction with CCR5 ) and remains a treatment used in antiretroviral combinations against HIV/AIDS.


The denial of the link between Covid and AIDS will eventually fall


In March 2022, we recalled that injections against Covid –– caused acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) , especially in young people – and in proportion to the number of booster shots injected.


During an American program,  Dr. Eads ,  who monitors and treats post-vaccination pathologies, testifies to his clinical experience. She denounces the appearance of cases of AIDS which would be caused by vaccination: “Yes, we now see in the hospital an acquired immunodeficiency linked to the vaccine from the triple vaccine. . . It's a vaccine injury, and we don't really know how to treat that." As for people with HIV / AIDS, she notes a collapse of CD4 and CD8 which play a fundamental role in the immune system. This collapse is the door open to the appearance of various pathologies such as cancer. She also reports that the Sars-cov 2 genome presents a combination of the HIV genome, the  MERS and  SIARS .


Sars-Cov-2 and Covid injections are biogenetic weapons


Covid was created for vaccines and not vaccines for Covid; many observations have confirmed this assertion for many months, and China has come to support the relationship between HIV and Sars Cov-2 by bringing into the family of treatments against Covid… an antiviral against HIV.


The Moderna case and its involvement in the patenting of part of the Sars Cov-2 genome was clear evidence of a chimera manufactured by the pharmaceutical industry; the same one who today sells experimental injections which are in one way or another imposed on populations whose awakening is still awaited… which is progressing.


To understand the engineering of viruses and the justification that hides the real intentions of those who finance biological weapons, we invite those who wish to consult the file entitled "  Origins of Covid and biological weapons  ".