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Riverside Hydro-Electric Turbine

MacKenzieApr 5, 2021, 1:12:08 AM


By creating a Riverside Hydro-Electric Turbine from the water flow of a river we can harvest the power of the river with a turbine to generate clean electricity. The rotational Hydro-Electric Turbine water flow causes a build up of a strong momentum which is used to run a dynamo that generates electric power. The output of VPS can be from very small scale (500W) up to industrial scale (1- 10MW) depending on the available amount of water flowing down the river and the power requirements. 

Since this technology is working in harmony with nature with no negative impact it is ideal to be used even in sensitive ecosystems such as nature reserves and national parks. When we are learning from Nature and build our machines according to those curved designs we are rewarded with great efficiency. Vortex dynamics is a relatively little known branch of fluid dynamics and they are quite different than the usual pressure based fluid dynamics: A vortex creates suction not pressure, so thus there is very little resistance and friction. This accounts for the high efficiency of about 90%. Also since the turbine is round it makes logical sense to match that shape with the flow of the water, which gives a smooth transfer of power. Because the energy transfer is so smooth the engineering of the turbine is much less demanding than that of a conventional hydropower system.