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How the COVID dystopia affects babies and kids

MacKenzieNov 17, 2020, 1:13:04 PM

Yesterday my email had to do with masks, a topic I haven't discussed much except to note that the charts of health outcomes around the world don't appear to back up the claim that they are particularly effective.

In response, I received this from a reader, and it really struck me:

I look forward to your emails every day to help me keep a sane perspective on this world. Your latest email below, however, struck such a chord with me that I just had to reply. 

I am the mother of 3 children. Our youngest is 5 months old. Masks have been a very sore subject with me from the beginning for many reasons. Our oldest is 4 years old. His preschool teachers are required to wear them and our son is extremely troubled by them. He's never seen his teachers' faces! It's a daily struggle to help him deal with this abnormal and disturbing world he all of a sudden lives in. 

While this is endlessly upsetting for me, what has me even angrier is the world our baby has been born into. In her 5 months on this earth, aside from our family,  she has never seen another human face! When we go out in public, she doesn't know that there are human faces and perhaps a smile behind those ridiculous masks. She just sees figures wrapped up like mummies. What must she think of the world? What is she learning about her surroundings? To her, this dystopia is going to be "normal." 

Our baby is extremely alert and engaged, smiles in response to every smile she's given, and studies our faces intently when we talk and sing to her. As a father, I know you know that this is how babies learn to talk and learn to communicate with facial expressions. Every parent knows this. Doesn't it concern anyone else that millions of babies are being deprived in a significant way of this opportunity to learn and develop the way God intended? To flourish in the presence of normal human interaction? No one seems to think or care about the psychological and developmental damage these masks are doing to our children and babies. It makes me sick. 

We pray constantly for a better future for our children. 

Thank you for all your hard work in the fight for liberty.

Meanwhile, we're hearing that masks will have to be semi-permanent even with a vaccine. 


That's inhuman.

Even if the only argument against them were that it screws up infants trying to read people and learn about the world if they all look like they're from the Twilight Zone, that would be plenty.

In tomorrow's email I'll look at some lockdown blue states that supposedly "listened to the science," but where hospitalizations are rising again.

When a red state has a spike, this is always said to be the fault of the stupid rubes who live there. How will blue state spikes be treated?


Tom Woods