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Corona Virus research, to include Gain of Function, Vaccines, and Therapeutics.

MacKenzieMay 5, 2021, 6:24:50 AM

Dr. Ralph S. Baric, is the Director of Baric Labs, located at UNC-Chapel Hill, NC. He has over 30 years experience working with all facets of Corona Virus research, to include Gain of Function, Vaccines, and Therapeutics. 


…He is widely considered the TOP US EXPERT in #Corona Virus research, as well as the leading expert on SARSCoV19 (COVID19). 


…Dr. Baric developed the anti-viral drug, Remdesivir, for Gilead Sciences which has been touted in the presence of POTUS during a Press Conference by Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of NIH/NIAID for use against COVID19.

It's method of action is to disrupt RNA Dependent RNA Polymerase (RdRP) utilized by Viruses to replicate themselves. 

Remdesivir replaced HCQ as the FDA Emergency Use Authorized (EUA) Drug against COVID.

In 2010, Ralph S. Baric led research, believed to be funded by NIAID, into the use of Zinc + Zinc Ionophores, of which HCQ is of particular note, to BLOCK RNA (Corona Virus + ) RdRP Replication.

Results proved that temporarily altering/increasing the concentration of intracellular Zinc via the use of Ionophores, resulted in disruption of Viral RdRP replication (similar action to Remdesivir, but at a far cheaper cost).

These results applied to SARS-1, Influenza, and Polio, with a belief that it would also work against Hepatitis-C, though not tested.

Despite these groundbreaking and amazing results, this investigator can not identify any further evidence of research conducted/sponsored by NIAID (Dr. Fauci), or Dr. Baric in the 10 years since these in vitro conclusions by Dr. Baric.

Drs. Baric, and Fauci, by virtue of ignoring Zinc + Ionophores (HCQ) displayed a blatant conflict of interest re: HCQ.

This investigator did not fully understand the importance of Dr. Baric's credentials in this 2010 research until May 30th, 2020. 

At that time I became convinced of Dr. Baric's importance in fully understanding the widespread attempts by Dr. Fauci, Global Media, and WHO, to disparage the use of HCQ (+ Zinc) as an EARLY, or Preventative, treatment to prevent viral loading buildup from SARSCoV.

Understanding Dr. Baric's role and relationship with Dr. Fauci in ignoring what appears to be a very cheap, and effective early outpatient therapeutic treatment for blocking #RNA Virus replication is critical to fully understanding the HCQ controversy.

Given Dr. #Baric's testing of #Zinc + Ionophores against Influenza and Polio, there was more than ample time and opportunity to conduct extensive clinical trials using such a protocol. 

NIAID had a 10 year window of opportunity to pursue clinical trials to disrupt RdRP Viral replication in order to prepare this country, and the world, against a potential pandemic ,as well as to utilize the protocol against existing annual influenza outbreaks that take thousands of lives evey year.

My research is unable to find evidence that Dr. Fauci took advantage of Dr. Baric's research findings to accomplish that vital mission, with which he is directly tasked.It is not my presumption to assert that Dr. Baric is part of some sinister plot, or plays any role in national epidemiological response policy. 

He is a researcher, who applies for grant funding from NIAID and other sources, to perpetuate his research activities. 

Though his ACTUAL role will only be proven by revealing the nature of his consultations with Dr. Fauci's NIAID in 2010 until now..

HOWEVER, it is apparent to this investigator that he holds considerable information as to how he presented his results to Dr. Fauci's agency, especially given his results in blocking SARS-1 Viral Replication, which should have been of particular noteworthiness to Dr. Fauci.

It is difficult for this investigator to fathom, given Dr. Baric's reputation and credentials, that Dr. Fauci was not made aware of his findings vis-a-vis SARS-1. 

And we KNOW that SARS-1 and SARS-CoV-19 bear a remarkable resemblances, especially in their affinity for the ACE2 receptor binding domain.

This can only be cleared up by demanding all copies of communications between Dr. Baric and NIAID personnel/officials, to ascertain their post 2010 response and policy decisions regarding additional “In Vivo” clinical trials of Zinc + Ionophores, like HCQ. 

It may be worth mentioning how this investigator came upon this research. 

Like many Americans, as this pandemic spread from China, I was desperate to find a means of protecting my family and myself.Mentions of HCQ were perculating through the news from China and S. Korea, and other countries who were aware of prior research on HCQ against Corona Viruses, to include SARS-1. 

But I really didn't understand it's primary method of action, so I reserved judgment on it's efficacy.

Around March, I became aware of a YouTube medical education channel called “MedCram” hosted by Dr. Roger Seheult, a Medical Professor and Critical Care Pulmonary Specialist, who seemed to have a real knack for explaining issues related to COVID.

On March 10th, he posted a video (see link below) discussing Dr. Baric's research (though he made no mention of Baric) and how it could apply to the use of HCQ, as a Zinc Ionophore to block RNA Viruses like COVID.

That excellent explanation made everything “click” in my head about the potential for an early treatment and prophylaxis against COVID. 

And I immediately acted upon that information, given that I believed there was little downside, or harmful side effects.I really knew very little about Dr. Baric, but I had seen his name floating around with regard to various articles on COVID, and Viral research he had been conducting, to include the CCP Wuhan Labs.

On May 30th, I happened to read about his role in developing Remdesivir for Gilead Sciences, and it was at this time the level of conflict of interest that existed became evident to meHere, I thought, was Dr. Fauci, touting Remdesivir in front of POTUS, over HCQ, and Dr. Ralph Baric was in the CENTER of both treatment protocols. 

Needless to say, I was left shaking my head over this for days, especially for failing to connect the dots earlier.

CLEARLY, Ralph Baric's involvement with Remdesivir raises serious questions as to why HCQ was removed from the FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) list, and replaced by his more expensive drug, Remdesivir.

 It was at this moment, given Dr. Baric's reputation, experience, and credentials, that ALL DOUBT on the efficacy of using Zinc + Ionophores, like HCQ, to treat against SARS-CoV-19, was removed from my mind.

The FACT that Dr. Baric's 2010 research, UNDERPINNED the entire Zinc + HCQ protocol cannot be disputed, and it raises a whole host of questions as to why Dr. Fauci quashed any actual “In Vivo” clinical trials.It had also come to my attention that Dr. “Zev” Zelenko's protocol was effectively based upon Dr. Baric's research. 

In an interview on, I recall, Del Bigtree's “Highwire” program, Dr. Zelenko had noted he had watched Dr. Roger Seheult's explanation of Baric's research, which led him to develop his “Zelenko Protocol”.. 

As has been well documented, it was Dr. Zelenko who wrote his letter to POTUS about Zinc + HCQ + Zithromax, that prompted POTUS to mention it as a potential early treatment for SARS-CoV-19. 

Dr. Fauci FAILED to notify POTUS, IMO, of Dr. Baric's 2010 research, that NIAID had funded. 

Instead, Dr. Fauci led the charge to denigrate and obfuscate the potential efficacy of Zinc + HCQ against SARS-CoV-19. 

And he did this KNOWING that Ralph Baric had PROVED the potential of Zinc + Ionophores like HCQ, to block a whole host of deadly RNA Viruses that rely upon RdRP replication. 

And then Dr. Fauci promoted Baric's other, more expensive, drug, Remdesivir in front of POTUS.We shut down our entire economy and formulated our pandemic response based upon the advice of Dr. Fauci when he KNEW there was a viable EARLY treatment to prevent SARSCoV-19 from leading to an advanced case of COVID-19. 

Dr.Fauci FAILED to pursue these clinical trials back in 2010He ALSO had a blatant conflict of interest in advancing Remdesivir, which can ONLY be given in a Hospitalized environment, via IV, AFTER viral loading has overwhelmed the body's immune response and led to advanced COVID-19. 

Zinc + HCQ, or less powerful,but OTC Zinc Ionophore supplements, like Quercetin and EGCG (Green Tea Extract) could have proven critical to saving hundreds of thousands of lives. 

This was a disservice, if not outright insubornation, of remarks by POTUS on HCQ.Clearly, HCQ has it's own anti-viral properties which have been researched since 2005, or earlier. 

But acting as a Zinc Ionophore, over-riding the cell's natural resistance to excess intracellular Zinc concentrations, and lack of major side effects from temporary treatment use to halt RdRP viral replication, it creates a potent, and early, outpatient treatment for not just SARS-CoV-19, but likely Influenza, Polio, Hepatitis-C, Dengue, Zika, and possibly even Ebola, as well as the common cold.ALL of these are RNA Viruses that reply upon RdRP replication processes. 

CERTAINLY, the protocol is worthy of further research concentration, as evidence by the apparent success of frontline Doctors like Dr. Zelenko and others who are using HCQ off-label.

I like to quote Dr. Chris Martenson ( http://Peakprosperity.com ) in saying this “didn't have to be this way”. 

We did NOT have to shut down our economy, or socially isolate ourselves and keep our children out of school.And because Dr. Fauci's quashing of Dr. Baric's research in 2010, he has undermined the health of the American people, and the authority of the President of the United States. 


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