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The Rush to Extinction

SlightlyOffKeyApr 16, 2021, 1:30:59 PM


Whether you believe the current drive to vaccinate all humanity is a conspiracy to enslave all mankind through the injection of mind altering nanobots  and alteration of our DNA or you believe that this action is an essential medical program required to save mankind… I believe most anyone given sufficient time and information to critically examine the current state of affairs would probably reach the conclusion that this process may be proceeding much too quickly. 

This operation has been carried out without question or any meaningful debate. We are giving untested, EXPERIMENTAL vaccines to infants, who barring any congenital diseases, have virtually 100% chance of survival. Is this totally fear driven insanity not the ultimate form of child abuse? 

I will not beleaguer you with the absurdity of classifying a disease with virtually a 99% recovery rate as a “global pandemic” nor will I dwell on the virtually ineffectiveness of the measures that have been foisted upon us had this virus been a true “global” threat. There are experienced virologists who have in fact made the claims that not only will face masks deprive the body and brain of oxygen they will increase the occurrences of respiratory illnesses as well. Other eminent virologist have claimed that even if theoretically effective the improper timing of vaccinations may result in the creation of a more lethal strain. We already have seen some evidence indicating this may be the case in reports from countries which are heavily vaccinated.

We are told the number of new cases of Corona-virus are increasing. We are also receiving reports that individuals have contracted Corona-virus (in spite of the fact ???)  they were “fully” vaccinated. Strangely there is seldom any mention of whether  or not the other Corona-virus victims had been previously vaccinated. Of course if one reads the disclaimers on the vaccines themselves all are EXPERIMENTAL (not FDA approved) and all claim they do not prevent catching or spreading Corona-virus.

There is much more that could be said by individuals far more qualified than myself.  Unfortunately virtually all industry professionals have been heavily censured in favor of biased media pundits. One must look beyond Face Book, Twitter and the mass media who maintain a strangle hold over dissenting opinions for alternative views and suppressed information that may be critical to the formation of an informed decision.

Putting safety and effectivity issues aside several questions remain. Although I personally believe that the notion that everyone must be vaccinated or that vaccination provides “herd” immunity is pure rubbish based on bad science ..if any science at all… there still remains some serious considerations that are NEVER mentioned. 

What is the impact on the nation’s emergency blood supply? Are the anti-bodies and mRNA  and any associated immune disorders passed via the blood as is the case with HIV AIDS ?

If the DNA of the body is altered what impact will this have on organ transplants?

I have seen reports that un-vaccinated, nursing infants may be exposed to the vaccine from their mother's milk. Also babies have reportedly been born with the vaccine produced antibodies which were either inherited or which passed through the blood barrier between the mother and the fetus.

Vaccine recipients are encouraged to refrain from sex for approximately 6 weeks after receiving the vaccine.  Are we possibly producing another sexually transmitted disease that may become a more eminent threat? What of other body fluids and secretions?  Could the exposure to saliva during kissing become dangerous? 

Doctors still wear rubber gloves and use face shields to reduce risk when treating a patient who might possibly carry the AIDS virus. Could we be adding yet another dangerous pathogen to our blood?

I don’t mean to be an alarmist, however there are many vitally important questions that no one is asking concerning the impact and consequences of this grandiose experiment.

Are we saving mankind (?) … or running toward our demise …at “Warp Speed”.