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The Rise of the Guardians

SlightlyOffKeyDec 26, 2020, 5:28:13 PM


The Rise of the Guardians is a saga of the creation of Man and his Physical Reality. It is a story of Good versus Evil … of how the Spiritual Realm became divided into Heaven and Hell … and how the Feline Race became the Gate Keepers of the barrier between the Physical Earthly Realm and the Spiritual Realm of torment and punishment .. aka The Gates of Hell.

Shadow is one of the nine sacred Guardians collectively referred to as the “Muses”.


** The Rise of the Guardians is the sequel  to The Grave Yard Shift  a  Halloween story  currently posted on my channel ….                         (9/28/2020 thru 10/17/2020 )

I will be posting The Rise of the Guardians (as well as other miscellaneous blogs) on a new channel “SlightlyOffKeyStories”  in order to improve readability by keeping (as much as possible) story chapters in sequential posts. 

If this channel is successful I may eventually migrate over my previously posted stories which are currently embedded within my channel (SlightlyOffKey).