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Art Twitter & Cancel Culture

SilverSkyCoyoteMar 15, 2021, 2:26:59 AM

 When I first came to Minds, I touched upon the Art Twitter community. To summarize it, cancel culture is popular in Art Twitter because someone is jealous of another artist and their skills or talent. Most of these artists are young teens or young adults. For those of you who’ve never stepped foot on Twitter, I want to present to you a small example of Art Twitter and cancel culture.

A Japanese artist named EDA creates very unique Native American style art. Something no one else has done before. It’s very hard for me to explain, so I’ll link his page here - 



I fell in love with this artists artwork because it takes Native American culture and makes it unique, different. I’ve watched him for a few years, admiring their art. Not too long ago on Twitter, very amateur artists, with “pronouns in their bio”, made a call out post to EDA, These two were the first to call out the artist



Calling EDA racist, making lies about the artist (This is very common here) and also claimed that he was “cashing” in on Native American culture. ( I wasn't able get the screenshot.) When, EDA admires their culture, like myself and many others. The obvious admiration is not comparable by stores selling ugly clothing that have Native American elements to it. If we want to be technical, EDA was following some Native myths. "drawn with animal like features." Trickers sometimes change between animal and human form. 

After the call out, her and many other amateur pronoun artists went after EDA but those who loved his artwork and some who’ve never seen his work before, defended him. Even though they outnumbered the bad “artists”, EDA made this statement-


Even with his apology, some “artist” and wokes were still not satisfied or upset at people defending him.


After that statement was made, the artists hasn’t been back, his last post was his apology post, made on January 5th 2021. It is unfair to Japanese artists because most don’t understand cancel culture, Social Justice Warriors or any issues the West is facing right now.

I’ve seen numerous call out posts trying to cancel artists that they’re jealous of. It is the same pattern, call outs made by an amateur artist with pronouns in their bio, very left leaning and most are very young. The only difference now, they’re attacking Japanese artists. The feeling is beyond “upsetting.” 

There is one more artist that I want to briefly touch upon, Luigi

Remember when I said there is a pattern? 

A Twitter pronoun “Artist” tried to get Luigi cancelled, she and a few other artists constantly attacked him. She accused him of being a white supremacist because he had an account on Parler and made up more lies about him, stating that there is evidence in the screenshot, although everything she stated was not in those screenshots. The “artist” and her followers harassed him for a while, some of them still currently do. Luigi recently made a post about possibly suing the harassers, which got them completely upset at this idea. 


Luigi's Twitter Name: LuigiL1985 

Luigi's Minds Page https://www.minds.com/Hello_Luigi/

The latest in Art Twitters cancel culture is a Japanese artist, ohr_cn, for drawing Nessa in water color. Woke mob claims that Nessa is not black enough but the paint is water colors, pastel. 

Before scrolling through these pictures, I have seen numerous comments saying "The artist is weak." or "They deserved it for being on Twitter." The artist is Japanese and they're young.

Cancel culture is not in other countries, it's a Western issue and they don't understand what's going on, that includes Japanese artists. A hard pill to swallow- it is our fault for allowing the woke to run and ruin things, we let the monster grow. Our responsibility now, is to educate the rest of the world about this monster. By educating the rest of the world, we will be able to push back. If we don't and decide to keep this attitude, then we are letting cancel culture, or woke culture in general, win. 

Artists painting of Nessa 

The harassment

Woke mob responses to the artists apology



There's a lot of hypocrisy in Art Twitter, I would like to put more into that here but I think that subject should be a separate post. 

I will end with this tip: It is extremely important to archive all of their harassments when they start, many of them lock their accounts and delete their tweets within a short period of time. 

If you read my whole blog, I appreciate you! If you can, support the artists in this thread. Thank you!