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Islam and the Left

BenOct 28, 2019, 3:31:19 PM

I will never understand how the backwards religious practices of Islam get a free pass from lazy ‘intellectual’ leftists. No other religion even comes close to oppressing more women, and yet i see defenses for women being forced to wear the hijab as if this is a ‘woke’ position. Why is the left unable to see the patriarchy they are trying to fight is no more apparent than from within the muslim faith? To try to answer my own question, i want to explore the idea that the left hates nonconformity (maybe even freedom itself) similar to those that follow islam. They have this powerful need for conformity in common., the need to control in the name of safety or the greater well-being. You see, the islamic faith fears our freedom, they often point to issues caused by democracy’s love of liberty, sometimes rightly so. But what they and the leftists fail to realize is that the price of conformity is violence. Muslim countries have no problem using violence to compel conformity (it is blessed in their holy book) and increasingly the left is using similar tactics. One shocking statistic is that when British muslims were asked what an appropriate punishment is for homosexuality, more than 50% thought death was the appropriate punishment. The left hasn’t gone that far, yet. So far they will cancel your art, they will get you fired, maybe take your children if you don’t play nice with their trans agenda, you could even get attacked by ‘antifa’ at the right rally where you fail to conform to leftist ideology. I grew up surrounded by the bad ideas religion perpetuate. Maybe it is easier for me to see wolves pretending to be lambs than it is for most. The left and islam make strange bedfellows, but it is understandable when you realize that chasing power can bring the most disparate ideas to wed. Mock these people's bad ideas, stop pretending that Sharia law is some equal alternative to an amazing system of freedom we have remnants of in this country. Offend these dummies that want to control your mind.