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Bubble by Seraphina Neko

SeraphinaNekoFeb 22, 2021, 12:16:53 AM

Chapter One: Oneiros


The light breeze from the positive pressure inside the door is an ever so gentle push in the opposite direction as the spotless glass doors open before me; bidding me welcome into the modern elegance of the building’s lobby. The stonework is dark with sharp contrasts of the metal frames and glass boxes displaying the department’s various accomplishments. What the fuck am I doing here? I have no business being here, I think to myself. No school recognized extra-curricular activities. No advanced placement classes. Just a nerdy weeb, sixteen-year-old girl that reads too much fantasy and science fiction and watches too much anime. No, not just that. It wouldn’t be that bad if it was just that. No, I was blessed with an absurdly strong libido, I watch entirely too much real and aminated porn, no driver’s license, no car, no friends that exist outside of the internet; just a pasty, skinny girl with a small chest, no curves, freckles, acne, and a crippling fear of human connections. Who is this paragon of deviant mental debaucheries whose lovers include a few fingers and a dildo I blackmailed my sister into buying for me before I subsequently named it daddy? My name is Sara; nice to meet you. 


You might be wondering why someone such as I would be standing in the lobby of a little known but world famous, in certain circles, technology company. I’m waiting to start my summer internship in their experimental technologies research department. How did this fine specimen of trailer-trash get such a prestigious summer internship? Good fucking question; I wish I knew. Most of my evenings and weekends consist of role-playing ridiculously perverse fantasies with strangers on the internet who probably think I’m a guy for how horny I am, my reluctance to go get some real dick, and my lack of feminine charm, but that works for me because somehow that would feel less pathetic than my reality. Considering all this, imagine my surprise, and skepticism, when I received an email confirming my selection for an internship I didn’t apply to! 


Of course, the email was a joke or scam; it had to be. That’s what a thought right up to the day a currier deviled a certified envelope with my orientation materials and schedule. Umm… weeeiiirrrd. Maybe they got the name wrong or maybe the right name and wrong address? There must be tons of Sara Greens out there. Things just got mixed up is all, and then my phone rang. “Hee, he, he, hell lo lo lo,” my stutter in full effect as I struggle to answer. 


“Yes, Ms. Green, Ms. Sara Green?” A professional sounding women’s voice greets my ear. Damn, she has a nice voice, I muse to myself. I bet she’s really pretty and put together while wearing a tight blouse and skirt… Damn it! Focus you idiot, I mentally chastise myself before shaking myself and trying to answer, but she cuts in before I can answer. “Yes, Ms. Green, I’m Isabel Cerci of Próodos, confirming that you received your orientation packet for Monday?” she asks almost sweetly like I imagine a normal mother would speak to her daughter if she actually gave a shit about her. 


“Ye ye yes, bu but I tha tha think it’s a,” I agonizingly stammer out as I try to explain the mistake that must have taken place, but she mercifully cuts in.


“Sara, don’t worry. Everything’s arranged. There will be a car to pick you up at 6:30am Monday to drive you to the campus and drop you off in front of the main lobby of the Coeus building.” Her voice was soothing and velvety smooth. I instantly relaxed. “Mr. Parker is the receptionist. He will register you in the personnel system and issue your security badge that will grant access to your workspace and dorm room,” her voice so pleasant that I almost missed what she said.


“Da da da da dorm ra room?” I asked in broken confusion. What the hell is going on? Am I being tricked in into human trafficking or something? Am I going to arrive and be locked in a room with a bunch of horny men that will steal my virginity, filling all my holes at once before releasing their gooey cum in and on my body; making me their plaything and… Fuck! Can I not lose focus right now? 


“Yes, there are laundry facilities, but I recommend a two weeks supply of clothing to get through the summer. It’s tempting to bring more, but you don’t want to overburden yourself with luggage. Oh, and of course, be sure to bring the authorization form provided with a signature from your parent or legal guardian for your billeting, since you’re under eighteen.” Hearing her instructions, I reflexively look at the envelope still in my hand opposite from my phone. 


Somewhere along the way, I had become excited about this bizarre adventure that randomly fell into my lap, but would my mom actually let me go off for the summer to a place I’m sure she’d never heard of before. “I I I,” my stammering in full effect as I try to figure out what to say about the whole situation.


The silky voice on the other end of the phone lets out a soft breath before telling me, “Sara, I’m going to guess that you’re a bit nervous and confused. Dr. Livingston said this might be a surprise for you.” Might be? I think before Isabel continues, “not to worry, all arrangements have been made. All you need to do is pack some clothes, any other personal items you will want to have, and get a signature for the form from your…” I hear some clicks and taps on a hard surface in the background, “mother, and if she has any concerns about the arrangements, please have her give me a call on this number. It’s my direct line.” 


Everything seemed so matter of fact in what she said, I didn’t even think to ask why I was selected for the internship. However, a question did suddenly pop in my head from what she said. “Ha, ha, who is, is Ma, Ma, Mr. Li Li Liv,” I cursed myself inwardly, as I struggled to ask such a simple question.


“Sara,” Isabel cut in gently, “I apologize for rushing through everything. Dr. Livingston is the director of the experimental technologies research department and a VP at Próodos. I’m his personal assistant. We are all excited to have you join us this summer and look forward to your arrival. There’re a few items I need to deal with, so I will let you go for now, but please call or text me if you have any questions or concerns. Take care and see you soon.” With that, the call ended, as I stood there speechless. 


Not sure what to do next, I walk into the Livingroom where my mom is laid out on the couch, watching some trashy daytime TV show. Fuck, I would really like to get away from here, if only for the summer. I just don’t know if I can handle it. I think to myself, as I look at her scrolling on her phone between looking up to the TV. I only go to school because I would get my ass beat if I didn’t go. This response is not because my mom cares about my education. No, she would simply be pissed for having to go to the school to speak to my teachers, and the massive inconvenience that would cause her. 


“Ma ma mom, I ah I ah I ah,” I start but without looking at me, she reaches out for me to show her what I want; knowing I wouldn’t risk her yelling at me from not having something in writing to communicate my desire. I hand her the envelope with the welcome packet for the internship. She looks skeptically at it before opening it and examining the contents. 


She rolls her head over to look at me then says, “what the fuck is this shit?” Before I can attempt to answer, she cuts in with, “whatever the fuck this is, I can tell it’s too fuckin expensive, so forget about it,” she tells me with finality before turning back to find out whose illegitimate bastard belongs to which deadbeat degenerate. 


I feel flushed with frustration at not being able to explain myself and suddenly exclaim, “it’s free!” I say it with more force than I intended, but it got her attention. She rolls her head back in my direction while eyeing me suspiciously.


“Free? As in all free?” I nod before she asks, “what about travel?” I nod enthusiastically yes. “this says it’s a live-in internship. They give you a free room too?” I nod yes again. “You gonna tell me they pay for your food too?” despite not knowing for certain, I nod yes again. “Whatever then. That’s means I don’t have to feed your lazy ass,” I feel a bit annoyed since I do most of the cooking, but I don’t dare try to bring that up. “Don’t do nothin stupid that I have to drag your ass out of. I’ll fuck your ass up if you do,” she tells me in an indifferent tone. I can hardly believe it! Oh… I guess I can that she wouldn’t give a shit if I’m gone for the summer. 


Before she changes her mind, I walk over and take the envelope from her and dig through the pages until I find the authorization form. I slide it out, put it on the glass top of the coffee table; carefully avoiding any stains. She looks at me like I just did something incredibly stupid, and she just can’t believe it. “Pen?” she asks dryly. I run back to my room, grab a pen from my school bag, and run back with it outstretched to her. I look down with despair that she has put her drink on the paper. A clear water ring on the document. I move forward, carefully remove her drink, and hand her the pen. I hold the paper as she scribbles her signature, and I quickly take the page before retreating out of sight. 


Closing my bedroom door behind me, I empty the envelope’s contents on my bed and start to look through them. Próodos, a world leader in custom electronics architecture and custom integrated operating systems for specialized applications… what the fuck does that mean? I wonder to myself. As I continue to read that the experimental technologies research department is responsible for developing projects for potential future commercial development. Vague, but sounds cool, I muse. As an intern, I will be responsible for assisting engineers, and other development staff while gaining valuable professional experience for a future career. Umm… k, I think to myself.


As I start going through my closet and drawers, I start having serious doubts about what I’m doing. Since most of my clothes are hand-me-downs from my mom to my sister to me leaves… limited choices. Despite both being single moms, neither my mother or sister have updated their cheap slut sheik style. Miniskirts, booty shorts, short shorts, a few leggings, torn up jeans, panties that leave little to nothing to the imagination, tank-tops, and t-shirts… nothing that begins to look professional.  I sigh with frustration, as I suspect that whatever mistake that got me into this will be found immediately when they see I don’t belong there. However, for some reason I can’t explain, I have never wanted anything more than I want to do this internship. I pack the least trashy clothes I can manage, but I still suspect I’ll look more like the dorm whore than a legitimate intern. 


Knowing I’ll need things like shampoo, my toothbrush, other personal hygiene items, and “daddy” to get me through the weekend, I put my duffle next to my closet and try not to freak out about what just did or is going to happen, but seriously, what… the… fuck… just happened, and what the fuck is going to happen after Monday? I fall back on my bed clutching the envelope; hoping to whatever god or fate or whatever is out there that this is somehow real, and I’m not being setup for some sort of massive disappointment. However, my whole life has been a disappointment, so this wouldn’t be any different… would it?


The whole weekend seemed like a blur, as all I could think about was what would happen on Monday. I was vaguely aware of my sister saying how useless I am and her little brat running around like a monkey on crack because she couldn’t be bothered to actually do anything about him. Her complaints about how I couldn’t leave because she has plans, and I need to watch her brat. My mom yelling at me to clean up after this and that because that’s all I’m good for and how I’m lucky she doesn’t put me out on my ass. It all passes by like I’m on autopilot. 


The house is deathly quiet when I shut off the alarm on my phone after it chirps its tune at 4am. I gave myself plenty of time to shower, brush my teeth, put on some makeup to hide my acne as best I can, fix the limp and lifeless mess that is my hair as best I can, and get dressed However, before all that, I need to do something to manage the nervous energy I have. 


Pulling daddy out from under my mattress, I slather some Vaseline across its clear glass head and red knobby shaft before getting on my knees with my ass in the air and my face buried in my pillow to muffle my moans. My left-hand rubs and pinches my nipples as my right hand lightly circles daddy across around my anus as I tease myself with the crystal-like phallus. I wonder to myself how many times I’ve done this? When will I give up on finding someone special to take my virginity and just use it on my front? Well, it’s not going to be today. I wet my fingers in my now sloppy cunt before rubbing my clit with a steadily increasing pressure as another pressure is pressed against my puckered, pink rectum. Steadily, my instinctive resistance yields to the pressure as the glass head begins to invade my bowels. I wonder what a real penis would feel like as I steadily push the polished silica inside my trembling body. I’m sure it would be softer while strong hands would grip my waist to pull me back onto the hard length of his manhood; slightly giving as my sphincter reflexively clenches on it. I mentally picture a big strong man practically dripping with masculine confidence who guides me like a little girl to give myself to him for his satisfaction. Taking me slowly but insistently to fulfill his desires. My tempo gradually increasing with both hands as I begin to work it like a piston behind and into me! I begin to whimper into my pillow, as I build up speed and intensity as my other hand works at a fevered pitch to stimulate my clitoris. 


Hot waves travel up my spine as my orgasm builds towards its climax! I push my face into my pillow as hard as I can as I cry out in pleasure and despair of my loneliness. My body spasms slightly as my hand is soaked with my juices while my anus quivers around the hard shaft of my dildo, and I quietly sob into my pillow for how pathetic I am. 


I continue to cry as I brush my teeth and shower, but I force myself to stop before putting on my makeup. After all, I can’t show up to my first day looking like even more of a mess than I do without mascara running down my face. I put on a white lace bra over my small chest, a matching lace thong while wishing I had some normal underwear, a black pleaded skirt because it’s the longest I own but still above my knees, and a white button down, short sleeve blouse because it is the closest to something profession looking that I own. Finally, I grab a black scrunchy and put my hair into a ponytail. I stare at myself in my bathroom mirror for a long time wondering if it shows how stupid I am. I look at my phone, I see that it’s 5 after 6. Not sure how punctual the driver will be, I make sure the last of my things are packed; including a freshly washed daddy. 


I throw my duffle over my shoulder and nearly fall over from the weight. Steadying myself, I head for the front door. As I reach the door, I look back into the quiet, dark house and wonder if I should bother saying goodbye? In the end, I decide that it doesn’t matter, as I step past the threshold and close the door behind me. I fish my keys out of my purse, lock the door, and put my bag down on the front step to use it as a seat while I wait for the shuttle.


As I wait, I wonder about what Isabel looks like? Is it normal to have male receptionists now, and is Mr. Parker gay or straight? Is Dr. Livingston really old or not so much, and what makes my ride a shuttle? Does that mean it’s like a bus or does it hold a certain number of people, or is just a fancy word for transportation? 


As my mind continued to wander, I suddenly notice a large black SUV turn onto my street. Is it? I query as it slowly drives in my direction. I feel a sudden sense of panic as the big car slows its approach towards me. This is really it, isn’t it? This is really happening. I tell myself as reality becomes all too real for me. My knuckles turn white with a death grip on my duffle as the SUV comes to a stop in front of our section 8 apartment. This person must be wondering what the hell they’re doing here, I think while my nerves tingle.


Out of the driver’s side door steps out a handsome black man who comes around to walk towards me. He is well groomed in a nice suit and looks like he’s somewhere around late 30’s. I stand up sharply; much faster than I intended as he comes to stand a few strides away. “Ms. Green?” he asks in a friendly baritone, and I nod nervously. “Excellent, looks like you’re all ready to go. I’m Barry, and I’ll be your driver to the campus. Can I get your bag for you?” I rigidly step aside as he reaches for my bag. “you’ll be riding with a Ms. Anderson today. I picked her up from the airport on the way to pick you up,” he tells me casually as he effortlessly picks up my bag and turns back towards the car. 


Airport? They bring in people far enough to need to fly? I wonder to myself as Barry opens car door for me. In the far seat is a gorgeous tall blond with her hair done up in a high braid and wearing a black t-shirt and tight blue jeans. I realize that I completely misjudged how I should have dressed. Oh god, just kill me now, I inwardly sigh. Her hand is reached out to me to help me in, and I realize I’m waiting too long to accept it. I take her hand and give a meek smile as she gives a slight tug to pull me in. “Oh god! You, look, so, CUTE!” she exclaims while emphasizing each word. 


I move into my seat, and I can feel the heat in my cheeks from my blush. I open my mouth to answer, but she suddenly says, “I’m Elisabeth from Boston U, but Rhode Island is really home. I’m interning in graphic design and marketing. What about you?” She speaks in a rush that makes it a little overwhelming. 


I look at her blankly for a little while before trying to answer. “I ah, I, I uh,” She looks compassionately at me as a warm smile spreads on her face. 


“Don’t worry, that’s your welcome packet, right? Can I see it?” She asks as she holds out her hand towards me. I hesitantly reach out to put it in her hand, and for some reason, I feel my cheeks burning from blushing like an idiot. She opens the envelope and starts flipping through the pages. “Oh, wow! You’re interning in the ‘experimental technologies research department…’ whoa! You must be, like, super smart, huh?” she asks me, wide eyed. I shake my hard vigorously in the negative. She looks at me skeptically before saying, “Don’t be so modest. They normally intern people working on doctorates for this department. If they selected you, you must be some kind of prodigy! I mean, what are you, ninete…” her voice trails off as she flips to the next page; the parental consent form. “You’re not eighteen yet?” She asks hesitantly while looking at me like she can’t believe it. I have trouble looking her in the eyes as I shake my head no. “Fuuu, um, I mean, wow! You must be like one of those child geniuses or something, huh?” she says before she shakes her head quickly. “Sorry, you probably don’t want to be called a child. I mean, only like, technically,” she says with a bit of an apologetic look. 


I can feel myself still blushing and shake my head again before saying, “Eee, it’s a, it’s okay,” I manage to squeak out. Her smile returns and softens as she reaches out and takes my hands into hers. My heart begins to race from her delicate touch. The skin of her hands is heavenly soft, and my mind begins to wander towards what her hands would feel like touching me in other places.


“Young ladies, you’ll need to buckle up before we get moving,” Barry’s deep voice startles me out of my revery. “We’ve got a pretty long drive ahead of us, so I’d like to keep stops to a minimum, but if you need a break, just let me know,” Barry’s voice is cheerful, and it puts me at ease as I pull my seatbelt over me and buckle it in place. 


The drive was anything but quiet. I couldn’t remember anytime in my life that I had been talked to so much at one time… maybe of all time. Elisabeth or Liz, as she asked me to call her, seemed to take my silence as a signal to keep talking, and talk she did! Detailed descriptions of the all-girls academy she went to high school at. Interpersonal gossip about her classmates in her various classes in college. Biographies of her columnist mother and VP of marketing father, her two older brothers, and her younger sister. A big, loving, encouraging, and successful family… I don’t think I’ve ever been so jealous before, but I can’t help liking Liz. She’s beautiful, friendly, can talk for hours without stumbling over her words. Life is really unfair, but it brings me a little sense of joy to know there are happy people out there living happy lives; even if that happiness isn’t meant for me.


As we drive further and further away from the city. I wonder if my mom or sister are going to miss me. Will my sister be cursing me for not being there to watch her brat so she can go get plowed by some tweaking lowlife? Will my mom start calling me to yell, ‘GET YOUR BONER ASS BACK HERE AND DO THE DISHES!’ or ‘CLEAN THE FUCKING BATHROOM!’ or maybe ‘WHY THE FUCK ISN’T THE LAUNDRY DONE!?’ Hesitating slightly, I nervously pull out my phone and shut it off, just in case. Maybe if I’m already there before she calls and starts yelling at me, I will have a good enough excuse not to come back. 


When we stop at a gas station, Liz asks me to come to the bathroom with her. I see other girls do this all the time, but being the social pariah that I am, it feels completely foreign. Still, I go with her knowing I should make a stop as well. Not surprising, it’s a single occupancy bathroom, and my mind instantly goes to a strange scenario of trying to sit on the toilet together, facing each other to pee at the same time. Of course, this doesn’t happen, and I wait outside as Liz goes in first. As I wait, and more when it’s my turn, I wonder again about how I got selected for this internship? Liz said they normally intern people working on a PhD, but they know I’m not even eighteen yet. Do they think I’m one of those super geniuses that went to college when they were like ten or something? If that was the case… why would they know my name, age, and address but not know I’m a C average in high school? 


Back in the car, still having no idea how I ended in my current situation, I silently ride with my very much not silent companion while Barry seemed to do his best to tune out the chatter with music several decades older than myself. Liz had also bought me lunch while at a drive through when I did my best to say that I wasn’t hungry. I guess she picked up on my embarrassment with the situation. It made me wonder about what my situation for food will be when I get there… if I somehow manage to not be sent back immediately. However, I had to admit that it was the best road trip of my life… what did that say about my life?


When we finally arrived, I felt my heartrate steadily increasing as we entered the massive campus of Próodos. First stopping in front of a modern, glass building with the name Mnemosyne on the front. “Oh hey, this is my stop,” Liz said as she turned to look at me. “Sara, I want to bring you out of that shell of yours, so if you don’t mind, I’m going to request that our rooms be close by in the dorms. I’m guessing this is the first time you will be away from home for an extended amount of time, and I want you to know that my door will always be open to you anytime, day or night. Okay?” she both looks and speaks so earnestly that I have a hard time looking her in the eyes. With my cheeks burning for what felt like the hundredth time that day, I nodded in the affirmative, and she gives me a toothy smile. 


After Liz got out of the car, I expected Barry to unload her luggage, but the only bag she took with her was her purse. As she walked towards the building entrance, I watch her shapely ass in her tight jeans that looks so tight that I could bounce a quarter off it and imagine what it would feel like to rub my face on it. The moment was gone all too quickly as the automatic doors open and close behind her, and I wonder if I’ll see her again before I’m inevitably sent home. 


Within a few more minutes we were at the far end off the campus where we pulled in front of a more industrial but no less grand building with the name Coeus in satin silver letters. “Well, Sara, this is your stop,” Barry tells me cheerfully. I just stare at the entrance, not moving to unbuckle my seatbelt or open the door. “You nervous hun?” He asks with a deep but soft and friendly voice. I give him a slight nod of my head, as I look at the floorboards. “Darlin, nothing to be nervous about. At the front desk, you’ll get entered into the system, get your picture taken, and then a quick meeting with your mentor. After that, I’ll be waiting to take you to the dorms where you’ll get your room assignment followed by dinner. I’m sure this is all real new to ya, but nothin to worry about,” he tells me with a big smile that shows a small gap in his front teeth that just makes him look all the more endearing.


As the small breeze from the entrance pushes against me, I steel my nerves to keep from turning and running as far as I can. One foot in front of the other as I approach the front desk. Behind that desk sits a young man in a stylish shirt with a thin tie and crisp vest. Probably in his late twenties, he’s meticulously groomed with a slightly sassy look. Despite my nerves, I slightly smirk that my suspicions of his sexuality are all but confirmed. His expression softens and a pleasant smile spreads across his face as he takes me in. “Well, well, you must be Sara. I’ve been expecting you. I’m Charles Parker, but you can call me Charly; everyone else does,” his voice is slightly musical with a slight sass that matches his appearance. “This will only take a few minutes since most of your information is already in the system. All we need to do is get a fingerprint scan, a picture for your security badge, and file your parental consent form. After that, you’ll meet with Ms. Cerci. Normally you would meet with your mentor, Dr. Livingston, but that man, I swear, he is always consumed with some world changing innovation or some such thing us lowly mortals couldn’t possibly understand,” he explains in a rush, as I look at him blankly. “Oh lord, listen to me carry on. Don’t pay me any mind. Let’s get you processed in,” he says, as I hand him the permission form and cringe at the circular water stain on it. 


After he had me stand against a wall, with a funky looking camera pointing at me, he says, “can I get a smile?” I do my best to not look nervous as I smile, but I suspect that I’m failing in my task. I didn’t hear a click or see a flash, but Charly just smiles at me and says, “Okay, we’re all set. Ms. Cersi should be here any moment, and your badge will be ready before you leave to get checked in at the dorms. Oh, and here she is now,” Charly says as I hear the slightly mute click of a woman’s professional shoes echo from down the hall. 


Isabel Cerci walked towards me with a warm knowing smile, and I felt like my heart stopped. To say she is beautiful would be like saying that the Grand Canyon is big. While true, it just doesn’t do it justice. I would guess that she’s around 5’7”, but looked taller with the low heals she wore. Shiny black hair done up in an immaculate bun, proudly displaying her flawless diamond shaped face with prominent cheekbones giving her a very dignified appearance. Almond shaped, sparkling brown eyes behind oval shaped glasses in silver frames looked at me like she could read my darkest secrets. Rudy red lips smiled kindly at me. Her olive skin seemed to glow a brilliant hue that my eyes followed down her delicate neck and top of her chest that disappeared behind a white blouse covering what looked like firm C cup breasts above a flat stomach and narrow waist before sloping out to shapely hips that swayed in a captivating way as she walked. A black pencil skirt wrapped around shapely but firm legs before giving way to toned calves encased in semi shear black stockings. As she came to a stop before me, I looked up, and my throat suddenly felt very dry. 


“Sara, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I apologize that Dr. Livingston isn’t available to meet with you. Unfortunately, the projects he works on don’t always allow the flexibility needed for mentorship,” she tells me in an apologetic tone. I move my mouth but no words are coming out as I try to think of something to say. “Sara, you seem a little overwhelmed. Follow me and I’ll give you a tour and show you what you’ll be doing here over the summer,” she tells me in a soft, calming tone as she reaches her hand out to me. I tentatively take it like a small child being guided by her mother; which is exactly what I felt like. 


She guided me down the hall towards a pair of elevator doors. She let go of my hand as we entered the smallish cube, and I was surprised to see her press the button marked ‘Sub Level 3’ in small stenciled letters next to the now glowing button. Nothing happened until she swiped her badge hanging from a lanyard around her elegant neck that my mouth watered with desire to lick. The door closed and a slight humming sound was my only indication that we were moving. Within a few moments, the doors opened again to reveal a sterile looking hallway that was only dimly lit before Isabel stepped forward and bright lights suddenly came to life throughout the corridor. We make a right, and walk past several security doors and windows that showed massive servers that went back into rooms deep enough that I couldn’t see the end of them. 


“Since ‘Experimental Technologies Research Department’ is a bit of a mouthful, we just call this place Coeus,” she explains to me as I quietly walk next to her. “There are several different projects currently in development, but you will be exclusively working with the deep emersion, multi-sensory, artificial environment project, code named Onerios,” she tells me as if I should understand what she just said. “You might be thinking that you’re under qualified for this because of your lack of experience in the sciences,” I think to myself, you mean lack of experience in everything, right? “You need not worry because, even though you don’t realize it yet, you have exactly the kind of experience needed for researching the capabilities of this system,” she tells me with a strange kind of pride in her voice. What possible experience could I have besides being a complete loser? I wonder to myself as she comes to halt in front of a very solid looking steel door. 


“Here we are,” she says cheerfully before holding her badge over a little black scanner next to the door. I hear an audible chunk before the door slides open. Past the doorway is a well-lit lounge with a couple chairs and a modern looking couch. There are a couple doors on either side a of the room, and glass sliding doors on the far end of the room with a pair of white, egg shaped pods beyond it. 


“I might be asking you to learn to run before you walk, but I want to give you a little preview of what you’ll be doing while you’re here. How does that sound?” she asks sweetly as she crouches down to look me in the eye. I give her a nervous smile, as I slightly shrug. “Through that door is a changing room. For Onerios to work, you’ll need to wear a special suit for the interface. There’s an under suit and an over suit. There’s already a pair inside that’s your size,” she explains, as I look to the door in question. “It’s a bit tight but very flexible, so you’ll hardly notice that you’re wearing it,” she continues to inform me. “There’s hangers and cubbies for all your things and a shower for when you’re finished,” I wonder why I would need a shower, but I don’t give it too much attention, as I’m more curious about why I need a suit and how all this works. “Go ahead, dear. I’ll be right her,” she instructs me as I nervously open the door and walk inside. 


Hanging on the wall are two suits. One looks like a one piece, silk long underwear with a hood. The other is a series of black and grey triangles and reminds me of a wetsuit but thinner. I begin undressing and hanging my clothes in the small cubby closet. Down to my lace bra and matching thong, I wonder if I am supposed to be completely naked before putting on the suit? It would make sense, but what if I’m not supposed to, but will it screw things up if I don’t? I open the door slightly to just stick my head out, “I ah, I ah, da, da, do I,” I try to ask while feeling my eyes water in embarrassment at not being able to ask clearly. 


Isabel looks at me knowingly as she says, “Do you need a hand?” she asks sweetly. I nod my head yes. “If you don’t mind, I’ll come in and help you,” she asks me as she gets up from her chair and walks towards me. I nod my head again and step back from the door so she can open it to step inside. “Oh my, what a cute bra and panties,” she says innocently while closing the door behind her. “However, if it’s not too embarrassing for you, they will need to come off for the suit,” she tells me, all business. I blush a little, but also secretly thrilled to undress in front of such a beautiful woman. I reach back and unhook my bra and put it in a basket in the cubby then hook my thumbs in the waistband of my panties before sliding them down and stepping out of them. Placing those in the basket as well, I am now completely nude in front of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I hope to god that she doesn’t have some psychic way of knowing that I’m starting to get wet with nervous anticipation. 


She looks down at me with a soft smile then says, “Oh good, you shave,” she catches my wide-eyed expression and lets out a laugh as she explains, “the interface works best without body hair. It can work with it, but takes a bit of calibrating to work correctly. Unlike the hair on your head because the device is much more sensitive than the suit, so that isn’t a problem.”


“Wa, wa, wax,” I explain but wonder why I felt the need to say it as soon as I speak. Realizing that I gave completely unnecessary information about my personal grooming habits, I begin to blush furiously while not processing her words about a, “device.”


“Really? How bold of you,” she says playfully. “I’ll tell you a little secret, I do too. Stubble’s the worst; isn’t it?” she tells me with a coy smile, and my heart starts to race and my entire body feels hot, as I imagine what she might look like under her skirt. 


She picks the thinner under suit from the wall and stretches the neck open. I’m amazed at how stretchy it is, and I realize there’s no zipper or hooks or anything. It just stretches open. Isabel kneels down to hold the strange garment close to the ground and pulls the neck open wide in a circle before telling me, “Okay, just step in one foot at a time, and we’ll get you all suited up. I step in as she guides my foot into place. I wobble a bit as I try to move my other foot into the hole. She tells me, “Sara, hold onto me to steady yourself, so you don’t fall.” I put my hands on her shoulders, as she maneuvers me into place. Her hair is tickling my tummy, and her face is so close to my sex that I can slightly feel her breath on it. I grit my teeth to stifle a whimper as I begin to tremble. I feel moisture growing between my legs, as her hot breathe tickles me while she works the material up my legs and gliding her hands over the thin fabric that feels like her hands are directly against my tender flesh! Oh fuck, I think to myself as her hands start moving up my thighs, one at a time while I can feel my slippery fluids start to trail their way from my cunt. Her hands are getting so close I can feel them causing the air to move slightly between my legs. “FA FA FUUCCK!” I cry out as my body shudders! My eyes flutter as my body trembles slightly in the aftershocks of hot electricity moving like a wave through my body. 


I feel my knees shake slightly below the hands still holding my thighs. I shut my eyes tight as tears well up in them. My jaw trembles, as I dare not look at the face that I am now certain is looking up at me. Oh fuck! Oh fuck! OH FUCK! WHY THE FUCK AM I SO FUCKING STUPID?! I scream inside my head, followed by a repeating mantra of, STUPID! STUPID! STUPID! My furious internal deprecation is only interrupted when I feel gentle hands caress my cheeks. I can feel the slick wetness oh her fingers from my release, and my tears pour from the corners of my eyes even more freely as my attempts to stop prove to be impossible. “Sara,” I hear a soft voice speak to me as my jaw trembles under Isabel’s soft touch. “Sara, look at me honey, please,” the tender voice causes me to slowly open my eyes. My vision is blurry from tears. “Sara, it’s okay. It’s my fault. I didn’t know how sensitive you are,” she tells me softly with a slightly guilty tone, but I know it’s a lie. I know it’s not her fault. I’m just a freak that can’t control herself! I feel so disgusted with myself that I have to look away from her compassionate stare, but I feel her gently move my face back to look at her then lean forward, and I feel her soft lips on my forehead then my cheek before settling back to crouching in front of me. “Really, it’s okay Sara. I understand. You just got a bit overwhelmed with the situation. It’s been a long day. Normally I would suggest we stop and you get some rest, but considering the circumstances, I actually think you really need to try the Onerios before you get checked in at the dorm,” she prods me slightly with her words before picking up a towel from a cubby next to the shower, and proceeds to wipe my legs, the crotch of the suit, and a quick wipe between my legs before continuing to fit the strange suit onto me. In short time she is holding my ponytail against my back before moving the hood over my scalp. 


I feel in a dazed autopilot as she retrieves the outer suit from the wall. This one is open in the back, and I get into much the same as I’ve seen scuba divers put on their wetsuits. However, after I slide my arms into the sleeves, I realize that the back doesn’t close. It’s just an open line down my spine from neck to tailbone. 


Isabel takes my hand and guides me out of the changing room towards the glass doors at the back of the central lounge. She holds her badge on an additional scanner, and the doors slide open. The air inside is slightly chilly on my semi-exposed back, but I obediently follow Isabel where she walks behind the left side pod. I see a high-tech looking… cabinet, is the best way I can describe it, on the rear wall, and cylinder protruding from the floor that is cut at a forty-five-degree angle at the top that is just below chest height on Isabel. I move closer and see it’s a touch screen on the face of the angled cut.


Behind us I hear a slight hiss as the cabinet on the wall opens. Inside is a transparent cap with a kind of tail hanging off the back and strange patterns of dots and lines travelling throughout it. “Okay Sara, I’m going to fit this to your head and back. It’s a little cold, so brace yourself,” she tells me; her voice still gentle. The material feels gel like as she softly presses it into scalp before pressing it into my spine. I don’t know how, but it seems to seal itself to the edges of the suit. “Alright, yes, umm yeah, you’re all set,” she tells me as she looks me over and moves back to the consol. She navigates through the menu when I hear a click, and the top of the egg-shaped, white pod split down the center and scissors apart. 


The inside glows a soft white, and the lower part looks like it has some sort of reclining chair suspended in a thick looking clear fluid. I also notice a step in front of and inside the pod. “Okay sweetie, I’ll give you a hand to steady yourself, so you can step inside,” she tells me matter-of-fact, as she steps over to me and holds out her hand. I look a little questioningly at her, but I give her my hand, as I step up and extend my leg to dip my foot into the viscus liquid. It doesn’t feel cold or warm, and the suit blocks any feeling of wetness from my skin. I just feel a slight compression on my leg. I step in with my other leg when she tells me, “okay, good, now sit down on that chair there and lay back. It might feel a strange, but that won’t last long.” 


As I lay back and feel the pressure move its way up towards my face while I settle back, I feel a slight tingling feeling emanating from where I make contact with the chair. I soon settle my head against a rest that keeps my face above the surface. There are arm rests as well that have channels cut into them, which make me feel like my arms are floating. Come to think of it, my whole body now feels like it’s floating. “Looks like you’re all set. Now, Sara, I’m going to close the hatch, but I’m going to be right outside the whole time, so you’re not alone. You’ll be able to hear me as if I’m inside with you, and I’ll be able to hear you too. Are you ready?” she asks me, a slight hint of excitement in her voice.


“Wa, wa, what’s, stu, stu, go, go, gonna,” I begin to stammer with trepidation clear in my voice. I’m suddenly wondering what the hell I got myself into? Who the hell are these people? What is all this?


Isabel reaches in the pod and strokes my cheek with the tips of her fingers. “You have nothing to worry about. It’s kind of like VR, but… well, I think you need to experience it to understand,” she tells me with a soft voice that is delightfully soothing. I nervously nod my head that I’m okay, despite feeling anything but. However, while we only just met, I trust that Isabel isn’t going to hurt me. She steps back and out of sight, as she moves to the console behind the pod. “I’m closing it now,” I hear just before the shell begins to close me in. “Sara, can you hear me?” Isabel asks me as if she is standing right next to me. 


“Ya, ye, yes,” I blunder out, as I look at my surroundings. The inside of the shell looks seamless. I can’t tell where the opening is, even though I know where to look. The material doesn’t look like a solid surface, but rather a soft glow of white light enveloping my body as if I’m in an infinite white void. 

“That’s excellent, Sara. I want you to just sit back and relax. Keep breathing as you listen to my voice. I can see you, so you have nothing to worry about. Just relax, and it will start soon. That’s it, just breath steady; that’s it. Just close your eyes and relax,” I hear her guide me, as I start to feel so relaxed, I could fall asleep and slowly close my eyes.


My eyes begin to flutter. I feel like I drifted off for just a second. The sun feels so nice and warm on my face, and the grass is so soft against my skin… the what and the what? My eyes shoot open, but I have to quickly shield them with my hand to block the sunlight blinding me. I quickly look to my left and right to see sloping grassy hills as far as my eyes can see. The landscape only broken by a placid pond close by in a bowl between slopes. I roll onto my hands and knees, and my hands are, “what… the… fuck?” I think out loud as I look at the flawless and smooth golden-brown skin of my hands and arms. No longer pasty white with freckles. Even my nails are different with immaculate polished pink lacquer on each one. My arms are lithe and toned. I look down my chest below me. My breasts are still small and still have light pink nipples, but below that I can see a perfectly flat stomach that is tight but supple. I sit up and stretch out a honey glowing leg with firm calves and thighs. I twist around to look at my backside while moving silver hair out of the way to see a tight and round little bubble butt with a silvery white cat tail protruding from just above the crack of my ass! “it can’t be!” I exclaim as I run my hand down the fuzzy tail that sends a shiver up my spine. “Wait, silver?” I pull long locks of silky soft silver white hair over my shoulders. “Holy shit,” I say in quiet shock before a far more vocal, “Wait, what the fuck?!” I explain as I realize that I’m not stuttering! 


I shakily get to my feet as I make my way to pond. At the shore’s edge, I get on my hands and knees to see my reflection in the glassy surface. In the reflection looking back at me, I see a perfect heart shaped face with bright green eyes, little fangs in my gaping mouth, and fuzzy cat ears on my head that shoot up in alarm as I take my visage in. “Whahahat the fuuuuck,” I ask in a trembling voice. I have been turned into a living version of my social media avatar! I pinch my cheeks, and I feel a slight sting as I apply pressure. “This is… this is…,” I feel afraid to say it out loud. “This is… real?” I finally ask.


“Not exactly my little kitten, but maybe something close,” I hear a sweet little voice behind me. I turn around to see a walking, talking, anime loli catgirl in a frilly powder blue dress smiling at me with a broad grin bordered with rosy cheeks. 


“EEEKKK!” I shriek, as I stumble, backpedaling into the water! “What the fuck are you?!” I shout, as the little cat loli softly laughs at me while fixing me with crystal blue, slit eyes!


She slowly but confidently walks towards me in her little white strappy shoes with blue bows on them, as she says, “Such language, little kitten. You shouldn’t speak so crudely, hehe,” she slyly laughs while scolding me. Her bright orange and impossibly long pigtails trailing behind her. “I’m your guide, little kitten. I will teach you how to navigate Oneiros. I’m Haru. Nice to meet you,” she says gleefully with an enormous grin on her delicate little face. I just look back at her dumbfounded while still sitting naked in the cool water. What is this? I ask myself, completely awestruck at the situation I find myself in.