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Taeyeon Opens Up About Her Battle with Depression

SeoulzJun 17, 2019, 2:42:35 AM

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon went on Instagram Stories and answered questions from her fans.   Most of her responses where short answers such as "no" in front of an all black background.  Many of her fans voiced their concern over her answers.  

One of the fans asked her if she had bipolar disorder.  Here was her answer.

No. I am struggling with depression. I am diligently getting medical treatment, trying hard to become better. Whether it's bipolar disorder or depression, don't tsk-tsk at people and, as someone said previously, don't disrespect them. They are all patients who are hurting.

She went on further to say...

I started talking to you all because I felt that I needed some cheering up. Thanks to you, I received a lot of good influences. Everything will be fine. I am sorry that I've caused you concern and I believe that even this is a process of getting to know one another. I'll take care of you guys better and try my best. To my fans, to whom even after I give only the best of the best, it won't ever be enough.

After the session was over all her fans went on social media to voice their concern over her state of mind.  

Trolls on Social Media = Depression

Trolls are everywhere on the internet.  It is just as bad in Korea.  K Pop stars who have millions of fans have ALOT of haters.  All these trolls can and do lead to depression.  It can happen to anyone, regardles of who, what, and where you are.  Depression can be deadly and South Korea in general has a high suicide rate.  

Taeyeon once said he is married to her music.  As a K Pop Idol you basically give up your life.  Most are trained to be a K Pop star from the young age of 8.  Most are recruited and their childhood taken away.  They tell you to diet, look prettier, look thinner, you get called out for everything.  K Pop males have it bad as well.  They are constantly bashed for their looks and whether or not they are gay.  No wonder their is a huge drug problem in the K Pop industry.  

True, she is sharing her life on social media so with that comes the fame as well as the attacks.  She got so much hate just because of a dating scandal and she even got mobbed and gropped at the airport.  However,  most Koreans would switch places with her in a heart beat, Taeyeong is one of the most successful K Pop stars out there, and she is doing it solo now.  

Unless you are a star you don't fully know what it is like to get numerous insults/death threats each day for no reason.  Or every thing you do they media is there to showcase it to the public.  Everything from what you eat, wear, say, post, and her career choices.  She can ask people to stop being mean but nothing will change.  This is the life of a K Pop star.