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Police Commissioner Promises to Investigate YG Over Sex/Drug Scandal

SeoulzJun 18, 2019, 1:31:29 AM

The perception has always been that the Korean police department will not go after big corporations in Korea.  Unless of course the if the Korean government wants them to.  Yesterday the head Police commissioner Min Gap Ryong held a press conference to address the sex/drug scandal involving YG Entertainment.  His comment is below.

"We will thoroughly investigate the suspicions that were raised by forming an exclusive team that will be headed by the director of the detective division at Gyeonggi Southern Provincial Police Agency. We learned a lesson while investigating Burning Sun. By fully utilizing the knowledge we gained through previous drug cases and other similar cases, we will conduct an exhaustive investigation to resolve all of the suspicions raised by the public.”

This is pretty much all they were willing to say.  The investigation into iKON's B.I. was done in 2016 and forwarded to the prosecution and of course back then nothing happened.  This is why the commissioner had to make a public statement because the Korean public do not trust the police in Korea.  

Most in Korea feel nothing will happen to YG Entertainment as well as these K Pop stars.  Sure the media is causing bad press and the Korean police have to put up a front to show they are looking into it, but most likely nothing will come of it.  

However this is technically not a sex/drug scandal but rather a corruption scandal.  The 2016 incident was either done horribily or glossed over.  Most in the Korean police department probably know that YG and the rest of the industry use take drugs.  Not just the artists but staff members and management.  

No one in the Korean media and the public think that the Police will send all their time and resources into these scandals?  YG has been published  by the media and press.  The artists caught up in the scandal has had their reputation destroyed.  What else is there to do?  The best part of all these stories involving YG is some of the interesting facts that have come out about how YG deals with their artists doing drugs.  Artists that due drugs are actually sent to Japan to seek "treatment" and get themselves cleaned.  

Now if the average Korean citizen is caught doing ANY forms of drugs, you can be damn sure they would be going to jail....boy it is good to have money in Korea...