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Donald Trump the First President to Step into North Korea

SeoulzJul 1, 2019, 1:06:15 AM

Clinton didn't do it....Obama didn't do it....but Donald Trump did?  What does that say about Trump's foreign relations??

The crazy part of it all was that the historic meeting was arranged in ONE DAY!  That is right.  Donald Trump was in Japan and just tweeted....

After some very important meetings, including my meeting with President Xi of China, I will be leaving Japan for South Korea (with President Moon). While there, if Chairman Kim of North Korea sees this, I would meet him at the Border/DMZ just to shake his hand and say Hello(?)!

This tweet was able to set up the meeting in less than 24 hours.  The visit is aimed to restart talks regarding denuclearization.  

Obviously this will be a long process.  It will have to start with some sanctions relief in return for some denuclearization.  

Remember North Korea is one of the poorest nations on earth and their people are starving.  It is in North Korea's best interest to work with the U.S.  To bring in U.S. investments and slowly help rebuild their economy.  People don't realize that it is not JUST the U.S. that is putting sanctions on North Korea but the whole international community.  This can't go on.  North Korea could at some point be put in a situation where the threat of use of nuclear weapons will be their only choice.  

Talks will resume in July and Donald Trump hinted that he will invite Kim Jong Un to the White House!  My things have changed since the Obama days.