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BTS was Mocked on Australian TV Show 20 to One

SeoulzJun 20, 2019, 2:22:12 AM

This was either the smartest or the dumbest move by this Australian TV Show.  BTS is one of the hottest bands in the world right now.  So it is not really a shock that they would do a segment on BTS.  But they made a pretty unfortunate and tone-deaf/cringe worthy mistake by airing a very condescending and what some might consider a racist segment regarding BTS.  Or was it? 

Is it possile that they knew EXACTLY what they were doing and they knew this would generate a lot of buzz (although negative) with not only BTS fans (BTS Army) but also SJWs.  The segment was so openly racist and xenophobic that it seems very possible this was all planned.  So was this racist or poor attempt at comedy.  

The hosts brought on comedians to talk about BTS....and since they are comendians they joked about BTS in a very derogatory way.  Here are some of the things they said.  

You can watch the segment below.


Once the outrage started online, the host Alex Williamson defended the segment and pushed the envelope even further.  Here was his twitter quote.

"Shut the fuck up cunt it ain't racist they just don't give a fuck about boy bands who are designed solely to extract $ from the hip pocket of 14yo's. I'll always revel in the genuine talents of South Korean professors such as Cheon Jinwoo. Fuck these cunts."

Then he joked about wanting to join BTS. 

"After careful consideration, I am hereby nominating myself to be the 8th member of BTS, thankyou for your unwavering support. I will make you cunts proud with my generic vocals xoxox good night."

The Best Marketing Strategy of All Time? 

So that is where we are at now.  I have never heard of Australian TV Show 20 to One....well....I do now.  Who is Alex Williamson?? He is a comedian in Austrailia with over twitter 450,000 followers.  That number will increase as BTS has over 20 million twitter followers!  Sure they will follow Alex to attack him...but Alex just upped his numbers.  As more and more BTS fans attack the more fuel he has to respond.  

“Read my tweets deadshit, successful Asian men & women doing something genuinely important in the field of science & medicine impress me, and people of all cultures for that matter. Just obviously not boybands. You cunts only get a rise out of them due to your lack of education.” 

Now BTS fans are starting a worldwide trend with #FireAlexWilliamson and #channel9apologize

Is Alex Williamson a marketing genius or what?  He is not even the host of the show, he was more of a guest. The question is, is he doing this on purpose?  Was this a plan from the start?  If it was it could go either way.  He can make a name for himself or he can get crushed by political correctness.  A rish worth taking?  If he aims to troll his way to 1 million followers...this could actually work.  

BTS has worked hard to get where they are and not a lot of people know this.  They were not mega stars right off the bat.  It is even harder to break out globally.  First they are a boy band so they will get a hot of haters for that....and the kicker...they are Asian.  Asians are easy targets for jokes.  So this 20 to one show went for it.  Will they be able to handle all the negative press?  If you are going to talk crap about BTS then you better be the world's biggest news hub to survive. 

In my opinion 20 to one and Alex will end up apologizing.  Not saying they should if the segment was a very bad attempt at humor.  The show is not very popular in Australia and this might have been their way of trying to SAVE the show.  What will happen next?  What will happen to Alex?  Will keep on top of it.