What is Racism

What is Racism? Coleman Hughes compares and contrasts the popular postmodern definition of racism to a definition that he would prefer. @coldxman in discussion with Dr. Cornel West and @daryldavis at Minds Festival of Ideas.

My friend's brother-in-law says his neighbor overheard someone on the radio quote a person with inside knowledge but who wishes to remain anonymous say that this looks really bad.

Good morning lads!

Wise words

This person identifies as a bird and uses ey/em/eir pronouns because birds don’t inherently have a gender

teh struggle is real

"Waiting" totally holds up. It also could NEVER be made today. It was made in 2005. 2005.
The MINDS: Festival of Ideas happened in New York City this past weekend—a gathering of influencers, philosophers, a former presidential candidate, and comedians looking to bridge the political and cultural divide.