The Elon situation is a perfect example of tribalism at work. People feel like they have to pick a side. You don't. You do not have to endorse every single thing about someone to support their call for free speech, sustainability, open source algorithms and encrypted messages.
The concept of gender affirming medical treatments make no sense Gender is a social construct These are sexual identity affirming treatments, not gender
Everyone wants to talk about standards, well my writer just ghosted a girl at the club because she hadn't read Dune.
I've realized that the more popular Minds gets, the shittier it's going to become. We're already seeing an influx of retarded subhuman leftists, and this place is gonna become gayer and stupider over time. At least I can call them faggots and niggers without being banned, I guess.


Uzaki-gun continues to evolve

Imagine if Apple tried to run another 1984 commercial. They would be laughed off the Internet. That will NEVER happen to Minds.

These 'He/Him', 'She/Her', 'They/Them' in bio people are the worst.
Senate Blocks $48 Billion Small Business Aid Package Hours Before Passing $40 Billion In Ukraine Aid

You have a moral obligation to return heavy accurate fire when fired upon.