The Elon situation is a perfect example of tribalism at work. People feel like they have to pick a side. You don't. You do not have to endorse every single thing about someone to support their call for free speech, sustainability, open source algorithms and encrypted messages.

Go Murica! I envy Muricans on your guns😎

It's fun how men who 'identify as' women outrank actual women in the Woke Victimhood Hierarchy. You can be a straight white man ('apex oppressor class') and switch into a 'protected class' just by saying magic words and putting 'She/Her' next to your name. It's like a RPG. 🤣
fat acceptance is the result of more people becoming fat thats it once you get to a certain number of fats per capita then you'll see the market react by trying to pander to them for their money Dove Real Beauty meet Ben and Jerry's Both owned by Unilever

A fren on birb app sent me this I am truly humbled to have met so many good frens online in a wold full of hate 😢

Good morning lads!

Spent the night drunk with the lads at a resort, probably won't be on much today either :D

Imagine if Apple tried to run another 1984 commercial. They would be laughed off the Internet. That will NEVER happen to Minds.

Following the news that the DHS disinformation governance board has been sidelined because of ‘mischaracterisation’, GOP Senator Tom Cotton and former Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard both warned that the scheme is only on hold because it was exposed, and it likely will return in stealth.

The women who make a living telling other women that straight white males are the devil, always marry one. Weird 😂

Everyone wants to talk about standards, well my writer just ghosted a girl at the club because she hadn't read Dune.

flawless logic from young female on the internet