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YouTube Is Hiding Comments Algorithmically

Scott CunninghamNov 5, 2019, 2:23:39 AM

I’ve been starting to notice YouTube censoring more comment activity on my channel. Whether it’s not showing me notifications all the way to showing me a notification but then hiding the comment on the actual video. They rarely fully rid of it and leave some trace which is the only reason I am able to show you what I’m showing you, though I have no idea how many were removed without my knowledge.

My theory essentially is that like the YouTube demonetized keywords, there are automatically censored comment keywords too.

Below are some examples of comments that were shown to me on notifications but didn’t appear in the video. Even clicking on the notification to respond forces me to refresh and not be able to respond as I normally would. The first one is a bit edgy, but it’s the truth. The second comment isn’t even remotely concerning unless the cut off part which they refuse to let me see contains something horrible, but nonetheless, I as a creator do not get to decide nor am I able to find out what was removed and why.

1st Example

2nd Example

I started to notice on my video on the YouTube demonetization keywords blacklist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVNLumQG6ao that I had comments, but I also wouldn’t get notifications about them and they didn’t appear in my “comments to answer” on my YouTube Studio “Channel comments” section.

Below is me responding to a comment on my comment section that wasn’t showing up on the actual video.

There are also comments that I do see in my notifications and when looking at all comments, but not under the actual video. It even shows that there are 3 comments, but only displays 1.

In the linked creator updates page, here it explains that potentially inappropriate comments will be held by default unless you change that. It can be found here: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/9072033?hl=en

Most of you could have probably assumed this was happening, but I think it’s important to shed light on the examples and evidence we have at hand to spread awareness to those who do not see what’s going on. I’d like to now ask that you go forth and test this out yourselves so that we can all learn more about how this works and what constitutes comments being hidden.

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