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Voice Your Unfiltered Opinion Using Gab's Dissenter

Scott CunninghamMar 7, 2019, 7:13:02 AM

Gab has come out with a new platform called Dissenter that allows you to take ANY URL on the internet and open a comment section discussion on that post, but the comment section exists within Gab's Dissenter application and not on the URL that you are commenting on. This allows you to comment freely without being penalized by the platform or authority of the website you are commenting on. This will ensure there will be no censorship and that everyone can discuss something in one location.

This is the website: https://dissenter.com/ and you can also download an extension for your browser to use too!

You just take a URL and post it into Dissenter and hit "dissent this" to start a discussion. You can also paste a URL in their search to see if there are already conversations on the URL and join in. This is an extension of Gab and users your Gab account so you can also share your dissenting on Gab and also potentially get engagement on your Gab account via your activity on Dissenter.

Let me know if you're going to use this or are already. Also if you refuse to use it why?

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