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The YouTube Paradigm Shift: COPPA & Commercial Unviability

Scott CunninghamNov 27, 2019, 8:40:23 AM

The content you will see on YouTube in 2020 will be radically different from what you saw this year. It’s undergoing a paradigm shift with the consequences of COPPA, the FTC, and their new TOS on commercial unviability.

December 10th, YouTube’s terms of service or TOS will change empowering them to terminate channels of being commercially unviable and in early January the changes as a result of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act or COPPA will be in full effect.

Being commercially viable is now a perfect umbrella term to allow any channel that doesn’t fit advertiser-friendly restrictions or isn’t even monetizing videos that can be terminated at YouTube’s sole discretion.

The “is this video made for kids” is what could end up getting your channel terminated if wrongly labeled as well as legal action taken against you. What’s interesting is that it will have a massive impact on gamers and that this could reflect simply what algorithms think are child-oriented or simply if enough people under 13 are interested in your content. It only must appeal to children under 13 or “preteens”. This could be anything from child-oriented music, child celebrities, cartoon, family-friendly content, and much more. The reason this is so impactful is that if your content is “made for kids” you will receive no ad revenue. Naturally, people will stop making that type of content.

Note that everyone we will cover omits community strikes. So, for example, either you’re so family-friendly that you must label your videos as for kids and receive no ad revenue or you must be less family-friendly but not crossing the line of being commercially unviable. Content potential gets narrower every single year.

These are some of the articles and sources I looked at:






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