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The Comprehensive List Of Suggestions For Minds

Scott CunninghamAug 19, 2018, 10:26:59 PM

Hey everyone, so I'm starting a list and will be maintaining it over time based on the discussion and addition of the features suggested. I'm taking a few suggestions I've made plus the many given over the past two weeks on my blogs asking for feedback. With over 400 comments I think I've gotten some pretty great suggestions!

Here we go....

Last edits were made May 27th to update changes.


- Change delay for newfeeds load in from 4 seconds to at least 10 (COMPLETE)

Also note that when you go to newsfeed, there's the top newsfeed, your subscription newsfeed, and the boosted newfeed. You will also see boosted content in your subscription newsfeed. This was more of a misunderstanding as the very first item is the boosted (promoted) content and it refreshes fairly often but right under that you have your normal feed. Also you can just disable auto rotate boosts now or use Minds Plus to remove ads fully.

- Add insights / analytics such as how many likes per set time range and an integrated graph with it


- Ability to mute / ignore users so that you can still follow them but not see their feed

- The ability to remove subscribers (not just blocking them) so that people who are concerned with their association can clean up their accounts (many people don't want to allow pornography accounts to follow them and get upset for example) Another solution would be being able to hide followers.

- Many people would like a spellchecker (I wasn't sure about this as my browser and phone handle spellchecking so not sure why you'd need Minds to have this)

- Language filter

- More expansion on share button

- Dark/night mode (added and completed)

- While navigating through subscribers or subscriptions after clicking on an account and coming back, navigate back to where you left off, not restart at the top again

- Re-position cover photo

- Upload audio content


- Filter notifications (only receive comment notifications for replies to you or distinguish the two) - this is meant to solve comment spam from groups and large discussions - Completed

- Take you directly to the post / mention / reply from your notifications

- Make notifications disappear after being clicked on (they stay opened when you load the new page and you must click out of it)


- Copy paste a photo rather than have to upload it from computer

- Scheduling posts

- For multiple links, choose the link preview

- Upload multiple images to a post

- 24 hour disappearing story posts on mobile residing in your profile picture (snapchat / instagram stories)


- Nested comments to make navigation and replying easier - Completed

- Pinned comments by author

- Filter comments by new / top


- Search specific date and time range - calendar newsfeed - completed

- More structured with filters (some people are unaware how it works so it's not intuitive enough)


- Ability to counter offer an offer or explain why you disagreed

- Filter accepted, revoked, declined, and pending offers

- Add a suggested videos boosts

- Target language or country

- Target a search filter or tag - 5 tags targettable

- See views so far for sidebar boosts

- Should aim for unique views / low frequency to ensure ad isn't repeatedely fed to the same user and potentially irritate them.


- Upload media directly to the blog

- Have a upvote, downvote, remind bar travel with you as you read a blog and or have it at the top and bottom

- Embedding (soundcloud etc.)

- View counter

- Multiple image sizes

- Put social shares button on the side because they block your view of what you're writing when you're posting a comment and you must keep scrolling down to be able to see

- Back to the top button


- Playlist / video collections

- Live streaming

- Analytics and insights


- Pinned posts for groups

- Group post filtering (by most popular and newest)

- Moderation option to give a reason why you rejected a post

- Only display your followers when inviting users to the group (since you can only invite your followers)

- Display the cover/banner exactly as uploaded (no darker hue/gradient added)


- Comment on blogs within the mobile app and not be taken to the browser outside the app - Fixed


- Group chats - Semi implemented via groups

- No character limit

- Send media

- Timestamps 


- Marketplace to spend tokens with other users like Ebay, similar to Bunz or Steemgigs


That's about as much as I could gather and come up with myself, let me know your thoughts and I'll keep this updated! So suggest your own too :)


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