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Talking With Bill Ottman About Minds Pro

Scott CunninghamDec 4, 2019, 9:05:17 AM

I recently had the chance to talk with Bill Ottman again who is the CEO of Minds and dive into what Minds Pro is all about, what you can expect to see from it and the various features it supports currently.

Unfortunately, I had some video issues, so the majority of the interview is just audio, but I know for all the Minds users out there who are looking for some more information and to get better insights on this new aspect of the platform will be able to get a lot out of this discussion.

One of the most interesting things for me was the new advanced boost ad serving opportunities for creators to utilize. You can run ads that you accept on your page from other users over a set period and charge based on impressions. I think this is a much more effective solution than boost offers and am excited to see how it plays out.

Though there is a steep opt-in fee, the model treats everyone equally and allows you to earn for the traffic you bring to the platform as well as referral and token purchase commissions.

We talked about Minds Pro, the earnings model, monetization for NSFW channels, their commission and referral model, new templates and page designs for Pro users, and some general updates coming for Minds like a UI improvement, server-side rendering, and messenger updates.

Also, one huge update to mention is that Facebook stopped blocking Minds links and you can now easily share Minds links without resistance.

Learn more about Minds Pro and its features as well as opt-in here: https://www.minds.com/pro

On a side note, if you know an easy way to do audio visualization as I had for this video (but for real as mine was just a looped 20-second clip) then please let me know in the comments below

What do you think about Minds Pro? Are you planning to opt-in? 

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